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  1. DRACUL by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker - some nice inspirational imagery.

    General Halloween
    I mentioned this in the literature forum but wanted to make people who may not travel that far down the selection list aware of it. I just finished Dracul, written by Dacre Stoker (great grand-nephew of Bram) and J.D. Barker. I highly recommend it! A prequel to Dracula, it weaves the Stoker...
  2. If you buy on Ebay and live in these 8 states, plan on paying sales tax soon...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy New Year everyone. I live in Washington state. Today I made my first Ebay purchase for the year and was charged sales tax, both for a purchase from a Maine Ebay seller and for another purchase from an Oklahoma Ebay seller. I knew immediately because the charge showed up in Ebay's Check...
  3. www.HalloweenSupplyUSA.com - AVOID

    Merchant Reviews
    Very poor, very disappointing experience with www.halloweensupplyusa.com. On October 7th we ordered a Skull Trooper Halloween Costume for my 11 year old son. My son is one of the many Fortnite video game addicts in this age group. If he was allowed to, he would spend 24/7 playing. He loves...
  4. Individually wrapped candy corn packets

    General Halloween
    Does anyone know what stores carry these. Trying to avoid ordering online! Thanks P.s. put up our decorations today! Eight lit carved faux pumpkins sit on the posts of our wooden fence.
  5. Graveyard pillars question...

    General Halloween
    Hey all. I have a question for those of you who have sizeable pillars for your graveyard gate/fencing. I saw a somewhat similar thread from a couple years ago regarding coffins, but I'm looking for more substantive solutions because I'm not setting up a week before Halloween to prevent the dead...
  6. Franchise a halloween store

    General Halloween
    Hey guys!!! I'm currently interested in franchising a Halloween Express store!! Does anybody here franchise one? I'm looking for some advice on things, how do I start, what to avoid, etc. Since i will be completely new to everything advice will be greatly appreciated :D !!!
  7. Atmosphere Effects: Seamless looping of amosfx videos

    Halloween Props
    I need to avoid the black screen one second delay between start and end of the living portraits video, any suggestions?
  8. Static: Easy poseable prop hands?

    Halloween Props
    I've done some searching but maybe I'm just overlooking it, but I thought I once saw a fairly easy method to make some poseable hands for props? I've never used latex, so would like avoid that route. I appreciate any help, direction provided. Thank you!
  9. Chicago IL: Save the Date! September 12 - 14th

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    How do I plan to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Interminable House Move? By holding a 2 1/2 day blowout living estate sale including almost all of my Halloween props, costumes, masks, blow molds, and accessories! There is almost no storage space at the new place and if I'm to avoid...