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  1. Member Introduction
    So my name is Autumn Day. (It's never not Autumn for me) Huge Halloween nerd and I finally found this forum at the age of 29. I am making my first props after years of buying and thought this would be the place to find information on that. I just got into Arduino and plan on making a few cheap...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello All! I'm happy to be here and connect with fellow Halloween friends. I love everything about Halloween--October, the Autumn, the Spookiness, the thrill and chill of it all. Excited to share this seasonal spirit with you all!
  3. Member Introduction
    Greetings HalloweenForum.com Users and Staff, My name is Showers and I come before you, presumably at your favorite time of year! About me: California, US. When not working, I volunteer my time with one of the best film and costume prop makers in my area. I will make your mannequins blush...
  4. General Halloween
    Has anyone else started on their autumn pre-halloween outdoor decorating? Every year I enjoy getting my house ready with festive autumn planters, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and more. I still need to add some lights, garland and wreath, that will be this weeks project. I'd love...
  5. General Halloween
    What's everyone's favourite tipple at Halloween? I love the Autumn releases from Wychwood Brewery, such as Dunkel Fester and Pumpking ;) What do you all fancy?
  6. Halloween Music
    Does anyone listen to any Halloween or autumn podcasts? :)
  7. General Halloween
    Hi all I really enjoyed this thread last year, and loved having a little group of common interest in the UK, so thought I would start another one for this year. I know it's early, but I'm getting excited for this year already! I'm really looking forward to things filtering through to the shops...
  8. General Halloween
    Autumn... At least in one of my Hobby Lobby's locally! They're starting to put out the Autumn stuff... It won't be long now Haunters!! *does his happy halloween dance!!* -Mike
  9. General Halloween
    For my readers and Fall lovers alike. May the season find you happy and leave you content.
  10. Member Introduction
    Hello there! I'm MacabreWeb, you can call me Mac or Web, and I am obsessed with all things Halloween. :D ' I wish I had found this forum years ago, I've always wanted a place to share my affinity for Halloween and make friends with fans too but I never thought to look for a forum. I don't want...
  11. Member Introduction
    HI everyone! I have been lurking around this forum for some time now and finally decided to join and introduce myself. I am from the good ol state of Texas and can't wait for Autumn and Halloween. :D Y'all seem like very nice people and I can't wait to converse with you all. If you want to...
1-11 of 11 Results