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  1. Custom Recording Loop Triggered by Motion Sensor

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to figure out how to make a custom 1-2 minute sound recording that is triggered by a motion sensor and then have it automatically reset and play the next time the motion sensor is activated. I have recorded my sound and put it on a thumb drive. I then put it in a player and selected...
  2. Mechanical: Help with scissor mech

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I have a scissor mech that I want to hook up to a prop to automatically extend. Any thoughts or diy to automatically extend using a motor or something besides a pneumatic cylinder? Thanks
  3. cannot change email

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I had roadrunner email. It seems to be dead. Even with tech help, I cannot access it. So I tried to change my email here to my other account, but the only password I thought I had here isn't working. I got signed in automatically. But that doesn't help me change my email. When I try to, the page...
  4. Mechanical: Opening Doors Automatically

    Halloween Props
    I have a simple project but am having quite a time trying to figure out how to do it. In a nutshell, I have a medium-sized wooden box with two swinging doors (like a mini-barn door). I need for these doors to open and close. I am using the Light-O-Rama system and so basically, I need the...
  5. Lighting: Simple/inexpensive automatic light fade?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys. I've been searching through the forum for a while now looking for a solution to what seems like a really simple problem, but so far I've not found anything satisfactory. I'm looking at doing a fairly large scale pepper's ghost effect this year in my garage (using shrink window film on...

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  7. Electronic/Software: Recorder

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know were I might get a digital recorder that I could record a message into then set off with a motion sensor or some type of input. Then it would automatically reset for the next person. P.S. if this shows up more then twice sorry, Having a little issue posting for some reason...