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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Im also looking for a automatic hinge for my coffin...if u happen to have 1 laying around u would like to sell me
  2. Halloween Props
    I'm trying to figure out how to make a custom 1-2 minute sound recording that is triggered by a motion sensor and then have it automatically reset and play the next time the motion sensor is activated. I have recorded my sound and put it on a thumb drive. I then put it in a player and selected...
  3. Halloween Props
    MAKE Magazine published this article about making an automatic candy vending machine. It's very fun. http://makezine.com/projects/build-an-arduino-powered-candy-vending-machine/
  4. Halloween Props
    While testing our motion sensors, we discovered that they had too wide a field of vision. in other words, the sensor would detect motion from a very wide angle, which was not desireable for our needs. So, we came up with a simple, cheap solution. You can see the whole thing in our video...
1-4 of 4 Results