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  1. Hi from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, my name is Zoe and i'm based at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Recently (over the past few years) Halloween has FINALLY started being celebrated here and I'm so excited to share my projects / haunted house and get inspiration from you all, etc. I truly hope that one day...
  2. G'Day from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hi All, My wife and I are doing our bit to support Halloween in Australia, we've only been doing it the last couple of years and decorated for the first time 2 years ago, looking at going bigger and better this year. In the past it's been predominantly spiders and webbing to the point...
  3. What is this strange obsession?!

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, Kaz here from Melbourne Australia. Have done a variety of parties over the years, but last year was our first bigger public trick or treat haunt. We had a zombie scare area, a blood room, a witches corridor and a child friendly glow in the dark radiation zone. Turns out more...
  4. Lighting: Thunder & Lightning Machine - in Australia (240v)?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I've left my Halloween preparations late this year (thanks, life) but I'm really hoping to finally get a good solution for a thunder and lightning machine. Every year I spend hours searching the internet, and every year I give up in dismay. I'd like a thunder & lightning machine...
  5. Ghostly Betty Boop

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am trying to put together a Flapper/Gatsby style Betty Boop costume. So far I have had not much luck finding a dress similar to hers inside Australia, or a reasonable price to ship to Australia. But I did find 2 dresses I love and I think could work. Also, I was thinking of Painting...
  6. 2018 Australia Halloween

    General Halloween
    I thought I might start a thread for this year, even thought it is early, we don't usually get stuff until August in Australia. This way can compile a list of what shops are stocking and websites are shipping to Australia. Places I know of in South Australia: Savers (the best I have found in...
  7. Australian Halloween stocktake sale

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hi everyone! Not sure just how relevant this will be for the majority of forum members, but Lombards in Australia are having a stocktake sale. Selected Halloween items are 50% off and this Fri / Sat / Sun you can get a further 15% off with the promo code 'stocktake15'. Not a huge range, but...
  8. Boo from Australia!

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! Long time lurker - finally decided to log in :-) Living in Australia makes Halloween a bit different as we are starting to come into longer, warmer days by the end of October, but we still do our best to set up a yard haunt. I'm also involved with a charity Halloween event at a...
  9. Greetings from the land down under!

    Member Introduction
    Hello haunters! I’m based in Brisbane, Australia, and very new to haunting (I attempted my first this year – will share a link once I’ve posted enough if anyone is interested) so I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you all for next year’s endeavours. I’m particularly interested in DIY as...
  10. Harry Potter Halloween 2017- Hogwarts

    General Halloween
    Hi all! First time posting. Had a Harry Potter Hogwarts theme for my Halloween party this year, really happy with how it turned out. Held it at a friends house, which limits what I can do. I would like to make bigger props and go for a more immersive party but it was still fun. It was really...
  11. Greeting from Down Under

    Member Introduction
    Hi All, I am a newbie to the forum from Australia Terry
  12. Static: Halloween Down Under 2017

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, Just wanted to start this thread to share some of the props I've been making this year. Apart from the "spooky trees" and foam boards for my windows from 2016, this is the first time I've really had a go at making my own props so I'm always looking for advice or tips on what/how to do...
  13. Halloween Listening Party - pop-up Halloween Radio live now!!

    Halloween Music
    Hi Halloweeners!!!! I wanted to let you know that the Halloween Listening Party is now up and running. www.fotwradio.com: It's a week long pop-up Halloween radio channel from Sydney, Australia, with a live broadcast on Halloween night. The music will be a mixture of Horror film soundtracks...
  14. A new member from Oz!

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys and ghouls, I am from Sydney Australia - I only just discovered your lovely site! I actually run an online pop-up Halloween radio station (www.fotwradio.com) and this is my third year running it. I also make audio stories and documentaries, most of them around themes of horror! I'll...
  15. Hi from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hi. I have been meaning to join up in here for a long time. My husband has been a member for several years now - Edgar Whelp is his name, but he is a bit of a recluse so doesn't post often... I on the other hand am very extroverted so you'll see me around a bit I'm sure :) We are Australians...
  16. ~Hello from the other side~ ((Australia))

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I've been visiting this forum for years for help and inspiration, and thought it was about time I joined! Being essentially raised by The Simpsons, Halloween became my favourite holiday very quickly, nothing makes me happier than planning and creating ways to scare my friends. But as an...
  17. Australian Member

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I'm Rob from Australia and I've been a huge Halloween fan. I thought I'd start up a Halloween Haunted House in my garage. Now 2 years on it's become a huge success, serving over 600ppl in the 4 hours we are open, which I think is great, especially here in Australia where Halloween...
  18. Another newby to the Forum... from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hi, my name is Vicki & I look forward to sharing as my Aussie Haunt grows. I have been decorating for 5 years now & love the reactions that I get from the local revellers!
  19. Hello from Down Under!

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, My name is Michael and I'm from Sydney, Australia. Halloween isn't as big down here as I would like it to be, but thankfully it is growing each and every year. I'm doing what I can for my community by getting into the spirit and offering some fun and frights for the local kids...
  20. My little Maze - 2015

    General Halloween
    Hi guys, just thought I'd post a short video of my maze from this year. Had mostly everything working in time for Halloween (although I did work on it for two days straight in the lead up). Video is a bit dark and I only have a very small space to work with, but you get the idea :)...