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  1. Triggerable video/audio -- Alcorn Mrbrice Digital binloop with 8 repo cards installed

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have an alcorn McBride digital binloop for sale. This allows for 8 channels of trigger-able solid state audio or video to be used in your haunt. these are very customizable and durable. this can be rack mounted. Currently have 8 card installed, including 8 cf adapters and 7 cf cards...
  2. Hacked Squawkers McCaw Pirate Ready to Run for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Just finished this special version Squawkers McCaw Pirate. He's already been hacked with my SQUAWKER TALKER controller and attached on top a genuine PYRAT RUMS barrel with the controller mounted inside. Parrot is in great condition as well as the barrel. The wiring connections inside the parrot...
  3. Talking skeleton in cage

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Talking skeleton , newly refurbished servos, made from a 4th quality bucky. cage is bent steel. made up to look like a pirate. life size. comes with audio cables , speaker, plug and play, just needs an audio source. I will ship but it will take a refrigerator box and freight shipping due to...
  4. Electronic/Software: Budget Motion detector with timer? Audio?

    Halloween Props
    Don't want to buy an expensive control box. I have bought a few outdoor motion lights before and wired them to plug in the wall, using the light sockets to plug props. But is there another way, just as cheap, to have a motion detection device and an accurate timer? The motion light I made...
  5. Electronic/Software: My Squawker Parrot for 2019

    Halloween Props
    First Prop done! Probably going to get some better audio but that's my first attempt to create parrot talk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOulBrC7AoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVNiWc-j2_g It's a Hasbro Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friends parrot. You can buy them on Ebay. Just make sure...
  6. Hey Kid! You Forgot Your Candy!

    General Halloween
    Heh heh heh First year for placing this AtmosfearX little girl in a window very close to where the TOT's line up for treats. Ran the audio to an even closer speaker. One kid screamed and ran all the way back to the road!
  7. Boo's from Chicago.

    Member Introduction
    As if Chicago is not scary enough...... I have been into making custom props over the years with varied success. I've built a number of large props where most have sold. The largest I built was a shed sized mausoleum that sadly, did not sell. It was repurposed into several other projects so...
  8. Electronic/Software: Pirate Haunt 2018

    Halloween Props
    Here's my pirate haunt so far. Need to add the audio to my talking skeletons and parrot and to my drinking pirate out in the yard, but overall I'm happy with the results. The blue LED lights always look really harsh in the video, but I think I need to make some adjustments on them regardless. My...
  9. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello all from South Florida, Happy to be joining the forum!! I have been doing my home haunt for the past 15+ years. Always looking for new and creative ways to freshen up the haunt. The overall theme of Rader Manor is a graveyard with static props, home made pop-ups, fog chillers, lightning...
  10. Fence Banging Zombie

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Haunters! Today I’m building an electric powered fence banging zombie. I used a windshield wiper motor for the movement and built the fence myself. He rocks the fence back and forth and with the added audio I think he’s gunna spook a lot of people. Have a look and let me know what your guys...
  11. Electronic/Software: Combining videos into a loop

    Halloween Props
    I have several video clips that I want to combine into a longer video. The longer video will be played back in a looping video player. I'm not concerned about audio. What's the best way to accomplish this? I've never done video editing before and this is about all I'm ever going to do so...
  12. Random ambient and sound effect player software

    Halloween Music
    Once upon a time I had a software audio player that let you give it a list of effects and a list of ambient files and it would play them. Some of the settings let you randomize the time between, left/right fade, volume, etc. I have not been able to find it again. Anyone here recall something...
  13. Electronic/Software: Help!! Fourbanger no sound?

    Halloween Props
    (Solved) Help!! Fourbanger no sound? (Solved) I am near the end of building a monster in a box which is being controlled by an Uno. I have wired it up as per the diagram below and can successfully program the board to work the actuator and strobe but not the audio. I go through all the audio...
  14. Gemmy 2018 Product Videos

    General Halloween
    There are several videos posted on their Youtube channel but I chose some of my favourites: (Still using the old Donna the Dead audio)
  15. Multiple audio streams for my home haunt

    Member Introduction
    Hello all!! I am trying to figure out the best way to add multiple, different, audio streams in my Haunt. Its apprx 2500 sqft (about a 5 minute walk through) and im looking for 3-4 different audio streams for various scenes. I would like to us my desktop PC as the main source. I was thinking...
  16. Awesome website for free sounds of all kinds

    Halloween Music
    I was searching the web for high quality sounds that I could use for my haunt and stumbled upon this site: https://mynoise.net/noiseMachines.php It is an incredible mix of all kinds of sounds but some of them are perfect for spooky uses (look for the 'spider' icon). Each sound allows you to...
  17. Prop Showcase: Graveyard Greeter

    Halloween Props
    Hey everybody!! Just finished up my Graveyard Greeter prop!! He will be set up at the beginning of my sons graveyard haunt to welcome the kiddies!! He is triggered by a PIR. Thanks to my wife for the carving and painting and a big shout out to J-Man for helping me with several problems with the...
  18. Electronic/Software: Audio/Video delay issues

    Halloween Props
    I'm using a Micca Speck media player and a 1080p TV to run a 10 minute loop of Unliving Portraits (from AtmosFX). Everything runs fine for a while, but then the audio gets out of synch. I've tried adjusting the audio delay on the TV, but even though I've tried the whole range of 0 - 250 ms, I...
  19. Pneumatic: Disturbing Dolly Dearest Animatronic

    Halloween Props
    I bought this awesome prop head from jonathan fuller and had her made into a life size pneumatic she lunges out and has audio!!
  20. Took over an hour to get logged in

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Forgot password, reset password, and been fighting with unreadable Solve Media captcha puzzles... The audio version of them is just as bad with the robotic voice...