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  1. Do you have any limits regarding taste and decency when creating your yard haunts?

    General Halloween
    As with any decorating, certain judgement calls come up when creatively expressing ourselves through our Halloween haunts. I bring this up because I've only been having fun with this for a handful of years, yet I've already run into quandaries. Just in the first and second years in this...
  2. Some recent make-up attempts...

    I'm pretty new at doing major make-ups with special affects, but here are two of my attempts on my boyfriend. Chucky and Billy the Puppet, with Annabelle. I used mostly eye shadows, with Halloween face paint. I did use rigid collodion for the scars on Chucky.
  3. costume idea and how to implement it

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am sure everyone has seen this one on pinterest so my question is has anyone taken it to full scale as I plan to do this and understand the photo is of a doll. I was wondering if anyone has actually done this full scale and wanted to share their story of failed attempts or success of the...