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  1. General Halloween
    Sorry for the picture overload, but this is what all the hard work is about. Seeing a vision come to fruition. I've got 6 of the 7 scenes I planned set up. I need to make some new lava pits before setting up my last scene. Scene one is using swirling red and orange lights is the 3 witches...
  2. General Halloween
    I wonder if any on the" perps" out there dressing like clowns, scaring people, have ever concerned themselves with what could actually happen to them on just a very simple level ? About the time "Clowny" rushes up to someone, and gets blind-sided by a round house swing, any make up or latex...
  3. Halloween Props
    So I'm going to be building a pneumatic attacking Octopus this year as I slowly transition over to a Pirate theme. The problem I'm having is finding a good sound effect for it. Obviously they don't make any sound, at least as far as I know they don't. :D Can some one point me in a direction of a...
1-3 of 3 Results