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  1. For the Kids: Robot Spider for under $25 in Less than an Hour!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    NOTE: I made a thread for this in "Props", but then thought it might be as useful as a Party Idea Robot Spider for under $25 in Less than an Hour! Whipped this up to engage the little kid-lings at my Halloween gathering in 2015. O-Cedar Robot floor duster* ($20 at Aldi’s a few years back, $24...
  2. 4 small gear motor assemblies

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 4 small gear motor assemblies available. $18 each plus shipping. 1) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motor with machined mount, die cast hub for attaching motor to a prop. 2) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motors with machined mount and a 1/2" PVC neck attached. Could be used for making a head rotate...
  3. Great Pumpkin Build 2016

    General Halloween
    After being gone all last year! Moving across country we are back to being members of the forum. We built a Great Pumpkin in 2014 (pic attached). Since we have a new neighborhood we are going to try the great pumpkin a second time. We will try to add pictures throughout the process. :)
  4. Static: zombie mask help

    Halloween Props
    I am going to put a zombie in a coffin this year I need help find a creepy mass produced mask that has great detail and not too much money hands would be good too. Im looking for something like the pic I attached something like that zombie if not then anything creepy will work. Ghoulish...
  5. Mechanical: Gruesome Granny

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have a Gruesome Granny? She is from a few years ago I would say. Pink dress, from Tekky I believe. Mine works partially, and I just picked her up for practically nothing. She moves; leans down and kisses the baby, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up, but there is no sound. There is a...
  6. Mechanical: WIP flying ghost

    Halloween Props
    I always wanted to have a flying ghost in my haunt, but was not sure how to do this. Recently my father gave me a old garage door opener on which the end broke of so the mechanism would not stop at the end anymore. That was a quick fix, some screws and a metal strip, voila. Simply attached a...
  7. Papercraft HALLOWEEN FLIPBOOK!!! Video/pictures!

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi guys!!!!! SO I have been venturing out of my usually halloween crafting and wanted to try to make a flip book! They are little books that you can make however for whatever!!! Great for snail mail/happy mail/pen pal!!! I have a Youtube channel and I created a few videos about halloween card...
  8. Static: Full front of house facade?!

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! First time poster so please excuse if I do this wrong!! I seen this picture floating around Facebook and became obsessed with it!!! I've seen a few other people who do facades and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks or could direct me to a tutorial! We live in a...
  9. Prop Showcase: Freddy Creature Reacher Prop

    Halloween Props
    Let me start by saying i am an advocate for the Creature Reacher costumes, but this one they need to go back to the drawing board one. For an MSRP of $350 and an advertised Masterpiece Series, I would have been pretty angry to open the box to this. Good thing I only paid $80. First, the design...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: Question:Saving to disk or usb

    Halloween Props
    I remember seeing a post on the best ways to move the images off a dvd to a disk or usb device but cant seem to find it now! I am hoping to be able to use my projector without having the dvd player attached - any help is appreciated! (maybe we should have a sticky post for projectors 101 :) )
  11. FG's collection cull volume 1: Gemmy stuff

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am trying to downsize some of the stuff I've collected over the years as I'm running out of space. :D Gemmy Talking Skull Platter (circa ~2007) $25 + shipping Item is used with very minor wear), without box or other packaging. Does still have the "try me" button attached. Item in good...
  12. Pneumatic: pneumatic zombie ground breaker question

    Halloween Props
    [ I have my frame all built looks to be working OK during testing. I'm looking to mount the head now and am wondering how the head gets attached to the amature? Most ive seen have a piece of PVC running through the neck. What keeps that from turning around and eventually just flying off? Could...
  13. Mechanical: 4 Carnival props to add to collection!

    Halloween Props
    Hi from the UK:) Had a few days holiday from work so got quite a few things finished to add props for Creepy Carnival. My Hubby and Daughter have been frantically running around the house trying to hide anything that glows, spins or moves or it gets hacked!;) Anyway, first one to the list is...
  14. Haunt for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    hundreds of items, hundreds of hours invested. more than enough props for yard, porch, house and patio. pirates w/cannons,creep,corpse bbq,grave diggers,mourner,flood lights.cauldrons,fence,fog & chiller,spiders and large web,headstones,security, you name it. all in good condition. i will...
  15. PIB's Forbidden Tiki Island, 2015

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Got a start today on the Forbidden Tiki Island, our theme for 2015, by putting together this wreath. The base is a super-large pine wreath on clearance right now at Michaels. Then, I attached stems of tropical leaves that I found at Dollar Tree. The mask was a yard sale find about a year ago...
  16. Gemmy Prototypes

    Wanted to Buy
    If you have ANY gemmy prototypes, post a picture here! I may want to buy or trade for them. Attached are some examples, but it can be any kind!
  17. Other: Walk thru help

    Halloween Props
    So I am doing a little walk-thru this year in my driveway. I am using tarps to make the wall and a ceiling. these will be attached to the walls of the ran across an attached to 2x4s and another tarp for the walls. SO My question is should I paint the tarps for what I need (dot room or something...
  18. Mechanical: Some cheap and easy moving pirate props and flickering candles

    Halloween Props
    Well, I should re-phrase that title and say it's cheap and easy when you finally figure out how to do it. I had several attempts, with the pirate falling over, the movement not right but got their in the end:eek: I wanted a pirate to fix onto a the back piece of my boat and to look like it was...
  19. WTB: Shrek-style vest in men's 3X; Shrek and Fiona ears

    Wanted to Buy
    Helping out some friends who are too big for the so-called "plus size" costumes. Found them some really great alternative clothes to pull off the look but I'm at a loss as to how to find that vest. Even the folks on Etsy appear to make it only in little kid sizes. Any pointers would be greatly...
  20. Other: Looking for ideas to make large spider go up and down

    Halloween Props
    Greetings. I am planning a Halloween scene in my front yard that will have a spider web wrapped around 4 trees and I plan on having a zombie prop caught in the web in the middle. I have a 6 ft black spider that weighs about 5 lbs that I would like to have be able to drop down to the "victim"...