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  1. Halloween Props
    I have four nice Epson projectors already but because of a growing family I am going to have to switch these to short throw projectors. I do not have a ton of money to spend this year but would an Epson Powerlite 410w be enough for Atmosfearfx projections as far as resolution and brightness? I...
  2. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Not seeing a banner for the new weekly sale yet but in looking through some of the projection titles saw that Eerie Eyes Collection's Spooky Eyes projection is 1/2 off (was 5.99, now 3.00). Not sure how long this price is good for as it seemed to be an unadvertised item at this point...
  3. Halloween Props
    I was bored at work and browsing at lunch and noticed AtmosfearFX has new projections. https://atmosfx.com/collections/halloween/products/sinister-shadows https://atmosfx.com/collections/halloween/products/halloween-zombie-bash
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi All! The stormy weekend here in the midatlantic put the end to my getting out the graveyard and external lighting, but the good news is that I was ale to get my projectors in place along with our ToT table at the end of the driveway. Here is this year's attempt...
  5. Halloween Props
    I'm thinking about purchasing the Atmosfear download or DVD. If I only get the download, does it go directly to my computer and then can I copy it to USB sticks as many times as I want? I have four windows that I'm planning on putting scenes on and I don't want to buy multiple copies. If I...
  6. Halloween Props
    This was my first year using Atmosfearfx's Ghostly Apparitions projections in my windows. It looked great, but I didn't like the "television blue" of it that screamed "electronic projection." In the past, I've used old-skool projections using video monitors softly projected through large...
  7. Halloween Props
    First year with a semi-serious yard display...what worked? - Atmosfearfx window projections - Kiddie window - singing pumpkins, witching hour, Numskulls - Scary window - phantasms, ghostly apparitions, sinister spinster, etc.[/INDENT] - Tiki torch skulls - Lightning box w/ 500w light...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hi Guys, Newbie here so please be gentle Purchased some Atmosfearfx today and setup in my shop window. I have a 5000 lumens optoma projector and I just threw up some almost see through plastic over window with velcro to see how it works. Just went to check and the light from the projector is...
  9. Halloween Props
    I'd been lurking for a while, but finally registered to post! My husband and I have long dreamed about setting up a Grin Grinning Ghosts display in front of our house for Halloween. This year we also discovered projecting (via AtmosfearFX) in windows for Halloween, and decided to jump on the...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I finally convinced my wife to let me get a couple of projectors this year and I have purchased a bunch of the digital download scenes for AtmosfearFX. I have NO idea how to actually get them to download to my computer. I received the link in my email, went to the site and...
  11. Halloween Props
    I was wanting to order Ghostly Apparitions video from AtmosFearFX but does anyone know why AtmosFearFX videos are more expensive as a digital download than they are for a dvd? You would think the company would want to save money on shipping and make downloading the cheapest method, no? Am I...
  12. Halloween Props
    windowfx halloween projecting had anyone used this and know whether its as good as the atmosfearfx projecting? I cant seem to get my projector to work for atmosfearfx so I thought about this instead cause it looks easy. anyone have any input on quality of image and what not of this? thanks for...
  13. Halloween Props
    I havent seen anything new from atmosfearfx for 2016? didnt get any newsletter like last year showing off whats in the works? did I miss something or there isnt anything new for this year?
  14. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Friday, May 13th for ONE DAY ONLY, ALL AtmosFEARfx DVDs are 50% off http://atmosfx.com/collections/atmosfearfx
  15. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I took my AtmosFearFX clips and made them into music videos so they can be shuffled on my iPod video player. That all works OK. But one problem is that the iPod player does a "wipe" transition between music videos. Does anyone know how to fix this on iPod? Should i make a single...
  16. Halloween Props
    Here is a video of my haunted gallery. Videos by AtmosFearFX.
  17. Halloween Props
    What is the other major company other than Atmosfearfx that makes videos for projections in a haunt? Thanks, great forum.
  18. Halloween Music
    Well, i just use the atmosfearfx Witch song and the singing pumpkins. Connecting the projector to small speakers for computer and my golly, as if I am watching and listening a dolby digital dts heheheh surround system heheheh. How do you upload a video here, what did you use .MOV, .AVI, MP4? thanks
  19. Halloween Props
    Has anyone got any of the following ? :- Night Stalkers Witching Hour Phamtasm Creepy Crawlies 2 Blood Walls
  20. Halloween Props
    Any ideas on hiding out door projectors?
1-20 of 42 Results