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  1. Poop head prop for a friend

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    A friend of mine is having a Halloween party this weekend and wants to push the envelope. He wants to be a poophead (he used different language) and asked if I could come up with something to top his costume off. He wanted it to be gross. After some trial and error this is what I came up...
  2. Static: Filmed Simply Nailogical Making Of Tombstone Prop

    Halloween Props
    So back in Sept I was approached by Cristine from Simply Nailogical on YouTube. She wanted me to make her a custom Tombstone for a collaboration video she was doing with another big YouTuber Threadbanger. I've posted some of my videos on here and I was asked by some users to do an intro and some...
  3. OBELISK build file!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So we've lost quite a few aggregate prop build sites in the last decade, and some projects that were mainstays of the home haunter are disappearing from the web, including one of the best foam tombstone obelisk builds most of us have come across. But it was rescued from obscurity by the...
  4. Spirirt has no spirit.

    General Halloween
    A month or so ago I asked a sales person at the local Spirit if I could put up a flyer looking for haunt volunteers. She said OK . Came back last week after no response and was told District manager said Take it down. So I said "I guess Spirit wants our money but doesn't want to support the...
  5. halloween 2017: one for the record books

    General Halloween
    tonight was a halloween i'll never forget. last year (our first year in a new house) we didn't get any ToTers. in fact, where i lived the few years before that, i really didn't get any either. i went to my mom and dad's a time or two on halloween night, and they get quite a few (~70-80 usually)...
  6. Electronic/Software: Need help to get started in Arduino

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to get started in Arduino and need some basic directions to get started...and a project. I'm a former engineer, so soldering/assembly isn't an issue. Can someone help out? This has probably been asked a million times, sorry. I'd appreciate any direction. Thanx! Scott
  7. Honoring the dead. Anyone manage this in their Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Over the last couple years, we've had our fair share of death. My wife lost her parents, I lost my grandmother, the kids have lost a couple pets. During this time, Talia has become interested in the Day of the Dead through a couple of books she's reading, and asked if we could build an...
  8. Retirement????

    General Halloween
    This weekend my neighbor was having a yard sale and asked me to put some stuff out. So, I put out my hand made Halloween props. With in a few hours I sold (4) items. The weird part was, a local farmer came up to me and asked me to help him set up his haunted attraction this year. "Just...
  9. Static: More Crows....

    Halloween Props
    I posted previously with a crow prop I had made, and I said I was going to try making them with different head poses, wings etc. A couple of you asked if I would post pics when I had done it so here are the results so far....only about another seven to go....:)
  10. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  11. Almost a Full-moon Last night

    General Halloween
    That might be the answer? A young boy was racing behind me as I out-ran him to that dark corner and then effected the scare. The rest were there when I asked the boy how old he was? "14" "Maybe you will be faster when you are 67" (like me!) I know, a cheap way to get a laugh from the boy's...
  12. Are Party Donations tacky?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everybody! I have been a little worried about my money situation while trying to plan a kick *** party with all the details I want to have. Everyone is super excited about the party and more than willing to bring items like food or drinks. But I also asked if people wanted to contribute to...
  13. Other: Where to buy (cheap) paint?

    Halloween Props
    I have some pretty big things in the works this year and realized I need some colors in larger quantities - like a gallon each - of colors like red, blue, and metallic gold. I am building props like a ticket booth and a carousel and circus fencing and I need way more paint than usual. (I do have...
  14. "BIG RAIN" changes haunt route!

    General Halloween
    Much rain here last night, and many people Still Showed Up! So many times during this last month or two it is raining by the time the house tour is completed. If they leave the Exit then they will have an additional 130 feet to walk to where they usually have parked,so i walk them backwards...
  15. Has anyone here been asked to produce/operate a haunt?

    General Halloween
    I was recently asked by a board member from a local organization if I would be willing to put together and operate a haunted house for them. My first reaction was to holler "Hell Yeah". But then I actually thought about all that's involved with a haunt... And that is where the anxiety kicks in...
  16. Creepy

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I've been listening to supposedly true stories on YouTube (yes YouTube. I get to have my phone on at work while building bikes so long as it doesn't hold me back from my work) Anyways, this got me started thinking about the experiences I've had in my life. I thought it might be cool to have a...
  17. Lighting: How to wire surplused LED traffic signals safety for outdoor use?

    Halloween Props
    The local State Surplus store here in Raleigh, NC had three box / pallets full of surplused LED traffic signals. I asked, and evidently no one has returned any saying they don't work. I asked about power, as they had one of the lights zip-tied to a warehouse beam. They told me the lights...
  18. Bonanza Court Haunt - so it begins!

    General Halloween
    Officially started the yard decorating today. Got the pumpkin patch basically done this morning. Will add a few more real ones when I carve them. Will start on the graveyard after lunch. Will probably just get the fence up today. Finish the majority of it tomorrow. Will post pics as I go...
  19. So who is ready for some Labor Day weekend prop building?

    General Halloween
    I've dilly dallied long enough, it's time to kick it into overdrive if I expect to clear some props off my to do list, I might not get them all done but I got to make the most of this four day weekend (I asked for Tuesday off) so let's do this, who is with me?
  20. November 1st Halloween Party with adults and kids need help!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I was just asked to help plan a friends Halloween party on November 1st. It is going to be an adult and kid friendly party. She said I could do any theme I want. I have only had adults only parties and have a million ideas for those. If you are doing one this November 1st what is the name or...