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  1. Hello from Living Dead Girl Nicole

    Member Introduction
    Hello Boils and Ghouls!!! Here is a little bit of background about me.. I having been doing art ever since I was a little dead girl. I was using my markers to make my Barbie dolls look "different" and entering coloring contest so I could win tickets to circus shows! When other little girls...
  2. Hello to fellow Halloween lovers

    Member Introduction
    My name is mcathi-I am an artist and most of it leans to the dark and weird side.I paint on buoys (half the time) which makes my art"different" This buoy is titled The Horror Of Spandex.The bulldog is named Rosebud.I do full size-5-6 feet tall assemblages using buoy heads as well, and usually a...
  3. Special Effects Artist New to Halloween Forum!

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Krista and I'm a professional special effects artist who loves Halloween and all things creepy . I feel as if somehow I won't be alone here...hmmm. I'm originally from West Virginia. My life there was strange, because well..I was strange! Everyone thought I was crazy...
  4. Horror Photography: Joshua Hoffine

    General Halloween
    A friend of mine *just* linked me to this photographer's site. I'm already a fan. Horror Photography: Joshua Hoffine I LOVE the first image with the girl holding the baby in the kitchen and the crazy knife-wielding fellow 'round the corner. I couldn't help but think to myself-- now THAT would...