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  1. Long time SPOOKSHOW host reporting in!

    Member Introduction
    Hey gang, I've been a member here since 2015, but I felt like it was time to re-introduce myself. My name is Horror Guy Keenan! I am an Etsy jack o' lantern sculptor by day, and horror film podcast host by night! The Every Day is Halloween Podcast, to be exact. The series has been running...
  2. Papermache 101

    General Halloween
    I stumbled across these amazing newspaper sculptures by a very talented artist - Will Kurtz. To simply call it paper mache is an insult. Even though his subject matter is very “ordinary”, that is to say everyday people doing everyday things, it has an unusual macabre feel to it. Maybe I’m just a...
  3. Halloween and Oddities Vendors Wanted!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    The Downtown Hammond Council (DHC) a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) is looking for Halloween and Oddities vendors for our "Frank N. Stein's Monster Market"! This market is part of our 2nd annual Haunting in Hammond event on October 5, 2019, located in Downtown Hammond, Indiana. A 10 x 10 booth is only...
  4. Happy Halloween!

    Member Introduction
    Hello to All. Earlier this evening, I was on Pinterest checking out some Halloween craft-y projects, and I landed here. Strangely, while I am not into the horror film genre, I get a great deal of satisfaction from engaging in the art process. I made a few things last year and this year, I'm...
  5. Went to Vegas and all I got was this awesome Goth art

    General Halloween
    First trip to Vegas. The hubby and I are not into gambling but we love to check out the arts district. Fell in love with this gothic piece from Rachael Bridge called Funeralopolis. She completes my macabre office area. The sad eyed girl art on the bookcase is called Framed by Angelina Wrona
  6. Other: CardBoard Box Resident Evil Caution Bins

    Halloween Props
    i came up with a new idea for a Project to start on as summer approaches and I have a cool concept and layout art to show you I drew first and work on my computer on
  7. Rucus Studios Opportunity

    General Halloween
    i dunno how many know about Rucus Studios but he makes some absolutely beautiful Halloween art pieces that, unfortunately, are waaaay beyond my budget. However....he has a kickstarter going to raise money to print these beautiful Halloween cards if anyone is interested. I bought 2 decks...
  8. New Shirt "Bone Picker"

    For Sale By Merchants
    Here´s my new shirt "Bone Picker" available on RebelsMarket: Store link: https://www.rebelsmarket.com/products/-bone-picker-men-shirt-black--142420?tuid=79c6d3b3beb3c38a6 Like all shirts in the store the silkscreen print is based of one of my draws. Highly manufactured by a professional...
  9. Other: Yard Haunt updates

    Halloween Props
    As many of you may or not know my yard haunt name is The Ghostly Manor Holiday basically a Nightmare Before Christmas/Haunted Mansion Holiday/Phantom Manor theme all in one. So I've been working on getting it ready the last week with tons of progress still not done,have to put all the fake snow...
  10. Haunting the eastern Oregon mountains.

    Member Introduction
    Hi all, I look forward to getting to know everyone. I’m a Halloween folk art sculpter, and found this forum on Pinterest.
  11. Static: 3D Haunted Portrait

    Halloween Props
    I've been fan girling over that Katherine Collection framed art since last year. I decided to try my hand at a simpler version. You can do this with just about any similar hanging prop. Awesome Katherine art Last year I picked up this hanging ghost girl for cheap at the At Home store. I...
  12. Halloween Art/Tutorial Zine?

    Halloween Crafts
    I spend most of my time on Tumblr and have seen many art zines calling for submissions as of late. I've never made it into one (once I got so close orz!) but it got me thinking "Why haven't I seen a Halloween zine?" I've only ever saw them for specific fandoms but why not one full of haunted art...
  13. My best display and maybe last 2017

    General Halloween
    As mentioned in other posts, the TOTS around here flock from other less desirable neighborhoods, which is fine and good, if they are respectful... we had 635 by 8:00. I also started setting up at 6 am Oct 31, and was torn down (in more ways than one) by 10:00 pm... but here's what I got. I...
  14. My 3-minute, animated Halloween special: Halloween Calls

    General Halloween
    Every year I try to make a Halloween related video of some kind, usually either a song or a sort of greeting card. This year's is called Halloween Calls, featuring the art of Unidcolor, and a piano version of the Gravity Falls theme. Take a look:
  15. Friday the 13th & Halloween Enamel Pins, T-Shirts, Prints & More

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone, over the last several months, I've started and have been slowly building my own brand called Pixel Elixir (http://www.pixelelixir.com). I create and sell pins, t-shirts, giclee art prints and other stuff. It's not exclusively horror or Halloween-focused, but it does lean heavily in...
  16. September 21st Pre-Fall Merchandise Releases

    General Halloween
    I follow a lot of Halloween-centric Instagram accounts which include companies that release Halloween merchandise in September and October. For whatever reason, I noticed a few companies were starting to release their Halloween items tomorrow (instead of the first day of autumn on the 22nd) so...
  17. New Forum Member

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone. I work at a haunted houses in Arizona and I have joined this forum to get ideas on props, masks, projects and maybe make a friend or two. I have been making nightmares seem like good dreams for many years and still perfecting my art. Thanks for having me here and hope to see...
  18. Hey y'all, how are you? Hopefully you're being safe with the Eclipse on the way.

    Member Introduction
    Hello y'all my name is Samantha (Aka Rebel Raven) I'm 29, I have 2 beautiful daughters. An amazing husband that loves the holidays. I am the editor of a great magazine that just launched this month Darkladys Dark Desires I put it all together and it was the first time I ever did a magazine...
  19. New spooky book for Halloween!

    For Sale By Merchants
    CEREAL KILLERS, art book for Halloween! Hey Monster Finks! Just thought you might dig my spooky coffin table art book, the original CEREAL KILLERS...back from the grave! This is perfect for the Halloween season, and features over 70 spooky themed horror breakfast cereals by artists from around...
  20. Greetings from Florida!

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, I found this site while perusing Pintrest looking for some scary baby doll heads to make. I'm a mixed media artist and create boxes (assemblage) with all sorts of stuff in them. I also do collage work as well (on paper). I'm branching out into more things - recently made a steampunk...