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  1. PVC Scarecrow with moving arms

    I once came across plans to create a scarecrow prop out of pvc pipe. The arms moved manually by passing the arms cross pipe through a modified 4 way or Tee. I can not seem to find these plans again and my old computer I saved them on hard drive fried and died. Has anyone seen anything like...
  2. New from LA

    Member Introduction
    I've been doing Halloween displays and Haunted houses for years now. I usually try to change it up or add something new every year. This next year I want to create animated zombies that can dance to music. So I'm gonna need some pointers.
  3. Static: He must have been a bad seed ...

    Halloween Props
    Sorry breathing melting plastic bag made me do it. :p Legs done, like the technique I used better for them. Will try it on the next set of arms! I just taped the arms on to show you. And used doodle to put a pretend face on. The faces will be carved and arms drilled into pumpkins. They are...
  4. Hi

    Member Introduction
    Hello all I'm new here obviously lol the names Randy aka BooAdict I do have one question. I saw at the Spirit Halloween store the talking Jack-o-lantern that swings, my question is does anyone know where I can buy the motor the use? I makes a slow back and forth Motion with arms shaped like...
  5. Static: If you are challenged when making hands...

    Halloween Props
    I've never been good at sculpting or creating realistic or even useable hands. I'm making a Gravedigger this year and after many frustrating attempts of making hands (I'm also a perfectionist so that's part of the problem) I went online to find hands. That's when I came across Ghost Ride, Inc...
  6. Static: Started my monster mud reaper.

    Halloween Props
    I moved his arms more forward than in this pic
  7. looking for poseable pumpkin arms and legs (UK haunter)

    General Halloween
    having a smaller haunt this year due to my lovely wife about to bring our first child into the world in the next week or two any way i am trying to find pumpkin arms and leg sets for a display we are doing this year using projected pumpkins but having a few problems getting the shipping bill...
  8. Selling Various Halloween Type Items - Including Lantern, Old Wedding Dresses, ect.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling several Halloween type items or items that could be used for props or decorations on Halloween. There are three sets of arms, easily pinned to a mannequin or anything else. They have wire inside them so that they can bend to your desired position. There are several vases, but...