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  1. Pneumatic: Scary Crow WIP

    Halloween Props
    I started this project a couple years ago and never finished it, just got back to it and hope to have it done for this year. The basic idea came from Scary Terry's version, mine is a little more beefed up and uses 2 cylinders for the arms. I also used 1" square aluminum tube instead of conduit...
  2. Phantom Rising Animated Prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $95 plus shipping Used one night indoors. Works great. Mouth movement and speech. Arms open and head tilts before raising up to 7 feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQRzgaroqlY
  3. Prop Showcase: Life size Psycho Mother Mrs. Bates!!

    Halloween Props
    I decided to do a life size torso with arms of everybody's favorite Mither Mrs. Bates! Head and her hands are made of resin and her body and arms are fiberglass! These are display pieces . Made to order. So they are available. Here are some pics and thanks for looking!
  4. Pneumatic: How do I build up to simulate flesh on the raw mechs

    Halloween Props
    I have built a few props for my home haunt, for example a hangman kicker which was nothing more than a bare steel mechanism with pool noodles and pipe insulation over the arms and legs of metal frame, a chicken wire formed chest, and Great Stuf filled gloves for hands. During the building...
  5. Making pumpkin monsters

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Ok, I used house wiring for the arms, since I have access to scraps. You could use coat hangers though, that's what I used for the legs. Really I just wound the paper towels around the wires to pad them, hot gluing as I went. Some I also used twine to wrap around to give a vine look. Some I...
  6. Any UK haunters need a body?

    For Sale By Merchants
    Anyone in the UK who has a BHS on their local High Street - they are selling off fixtures and fittings at the moment. My local store in Wakefield had the male and female half-body mannequins (i.e the tops without heads, arms and legs) as well as a couple of kids. They also had a few arms, one...
  7. Static: New witch scene in progress

    Halloween Props
    Adding a Gypsy witch to a new witch scene. It has been the "Apple Witch" by herself for the past 3yrs. The Gypsy has 2 deer motors running the arms, simple up/down motion. But adds some motion to the scene. Planning on a 3rd witch (cauldron creep style) with a Salem/Pilgrim vibe. Gotta admit...
  8. Static: Packing tape Ghost

    Halloween Props
    These are my packing tape ghost I've made. I used a painters drop cloth instead of saran wrap. The one with no arms was very easy. If you make one with arms and hands I would recommend using a real person for the hands.....the mannequin hands are small and hard to work with :mad:.......I used...
  9. 9 for 99 cents at the 99 Cent Only stores

    General Halloween
    If you have a 99 Cent Only store nearby, it may be worth checking out because all of their Halloween stuff is now 9 for 99 cents. Yes, 11 cents each. My daughter is having a Walking Dead birthday party this weekend and we got bags and bags of hands, feet, arms, legs, fingers, noses, and ears, as...
  10. Mechanical: Looking for zombie grabbers one of you made.

    Halloween Props
    I have searched about 10 or so times and I can't seem to find it. It's a post that someone did about zombie arms coming out of a fence or wall made of pallets? I want to try to make one for next year and can't remember what or how he made the arms move in and out? Does anyone remember this...
  11. Need help identifying and fnding

    General Halloween
    Trying to find another one of these sets of halloween toys/squirters. Ok one of them was of a human head with arms and skin peeling. I know vague but all i can remember. Anyone know what they were called?
  12. Scary tree face and arms tutorial?

    This may already exist, I am new here. I tried searching and couldn't find quite what I was looking for. I was curious if someone had a tutorial on how to make scary arms and faces for the trees in the yard. I have seen some fore sale, but they either had terrible reviews, or were more than I...
  13. Static: First Pics of Jack Skellington for 2015

    Halloween Props
    My kids have been wanting to add a Jack Skellington to our display for a couple of years now, and he's finally in. We got one of the hanging jacks, made a base with a piece of reinforcement roofing steel from Home Depot, welded two lengths of 3/8" rebar to the base, and slid the legs over the...
  14. X-Men Storm costume for my wife, need assistance.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Edit: I have the items for my wife's costume already, but need assistance with the cape. Scroll down to post dated 10-4-15 for my most current post if you don't feel like reading about the whole project. Hello all! Last year y'all might remember that I put together a custom Maleficent...
  15. Static: Corpsed Styro Skull and Arms

    Halloween Props
    I tried out a new technique I learned on a styro skull that I had from last year and wasn't sure what the end goal was supposed to be. He just sorta developed as I went along. My plan is to build a slight frame/armature out of PVC and mount this head on it and use a shroud to build out the...
  16. Electronic/Software: Motor Motions

    Halloween Props
    I came across some youtube videos that dropped my jaw open. The ways this man makes props move is great. A motor, some metal arms and PVC.......just wow. Here is a link to all his video's. He has several of the movement videos...
  17. Static: Best way to produce 10-20 fake arms?

    Halloween Props
    As part of my display, I'll have people walk through a dark tunnel where zombies will be reaching through to grab them. I need to make a bunch of arms to accomplish this, what's the best way? It needs to be the whole arm, not just a hand. I guess you could make hands with "great stuff" expanding...
  18. Mechanical: I want to build a Ferris Wheel

    Halloween Props
    I'm planning on a Carnival theme this year and want to build a Ferris wheel. Its only a prop and will be filled with 4' skeleton riders not humans. Has anyone out there made one and can give me any advice? I have a rotating x-mas tree base that I am planning to mount horizontally on the...
  19. Static: Best Way To Stabilize PVC "Joints" on Static Props

    Halloween Props
    Hi, guys! Last year, I attempted to make a tall, static "pumpkin man" for my spooky circus display. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the arms and legs to stay in position. i thought that tape would be enough, but after a short period of time, his arms began to fall, and his legs bent in a...
  20. Prop Showcase: Help With Head (Hanged Man)

    Halloween Props
    Some of you may have seen my hanged man a few years ago when I first posted him. His construction is fairly simple. Dollar Tree "surf" boards in front and back of stacked foam over PVC skeleton, with noodles over PVC for legs and arms. The foam was free from a local Wendy's (their Ice Cream...