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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello all! Anyone else pining for the season? This year's haunt theme is the last voyage of Frankenstein's ship. We plan on converting the front porch into a ship and turning the front yard into an arctic sea. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on creating icebergs, lit from within. My initial...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking to create a PVC armature that's animated. I know there's a website that makes them, but $150 for just the frame is pretty steep. I know a friend of mine suggested a company called Witch Doctor, but I simply cannot find the website anywhere. She said she...
  3. Halloween Props
    I have a really cool Carpano Antical bottle that looks like a pirate's rum bottle. I'm working on a pirate-themed graveyard and I want to have an arm, coming out of the ground, holding the bottle as if it drinking. So the arm would be at an angle, and would need to support itself and the...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hello All, I am looking to make a fast prop for my Halloween display. I have seen some of my other props from Party City and Spirit have this wire core foam tubing that could be bent into any position. This tubing is used as the armature for most props. I would like to know if this foam...
1-4 of 4 Results