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    The skull archway! My favorite creation yet. I found it online for $1000 bucks and made it myself for about $80! Score!
  2. Static: Jack-o-Lantern Archway 2018

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I am new here and I wanted to share with you something that I've built. I am really proud of it. It was a lot of work, but it gets a lot of attention from the neighbors. The archway is built with PVC pipe, tons of personally carved jackos (several store bought as well) and lights...
  3. Prop Showcase: Topper For Pillars

    Halloween Props
    Last year I built some pillars for a driveway entrance and I'm looking to add a topper. I'm limited on funds so I may end up not doing anything. Pic is a little rough but they are gray in color and have concrete like texture. Was thinking adding a couple hanging props to the top? I like the...
  4. Static: Tips for DIY Oak Branch Archway?

    Halloween Props
    I started hot gluing oak branches together in hopes of creating an archway for trick-or-treaters to walk under and then I realized: A. This ain't that sturdy B. Hot glue looks like Hot glue C. I need help Any suggestions on what I can do to improve my method, or hide the hot glue? I was...
  5. Electronic/Software: Suggestion Help for AtmosFearFX Projection Needed

    Halloween Props
    I have built a version of the attached picture for my haunt. I want to project the AtmosFearFX 'Witching' Hour clips into the opening of the archway. I would like to do this from inside the structure. First question... What material would be best to stretch across the opening in the archway to...
  6. My graveyard 2016

    General Halloween
    Hey! Thought I'd post what my house looked like on Halloween 2016...since it's definitely on my brain for 2017. The spiders have been a hit for several years and I've invested too much to not do them-- thinking of the big spider this year from Home Depot. Any other thoughts? We thought about...
  7. Circus evil Clown Archway Arch plus more to come

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, if you are willing to pickup in Brandon FL zip 33511, you can have this archway I made for $15. Its made of cardboard, pvc in the back and various paints applied. It has been in storage and looks like it still will stand. Something heavy bent one corner a bit but not terribly bad. Im just a...
  8. Static: Cemetery Archway

    Halloween Props
    Starting my archway above my cemetery gates. Here is the frame and font.
  9. Static: Fixing Foam Archway

    Halloween Props
    Several years ago a friend of my mom, and fellow haunter, offered me several boxes of his Halloween decorations and props as he was moving and didn't have the space for all of it. One of the things included was a skull archway which to this day remains as probably one of my favorite props that I...
  10. Static: Another haunted Carnevil. Build help, and suggestions.

    Halloween Props
    This is the 2nd Halloween in the new house and my wife wants to "do it right" after an innocent suggestion from me that snowballed into a large plan. I need help! My idea is to start off "slow" and build up every year. Adding a merry go round, non-functioning, She wants a Ferris wheel, etc...
  11. Other: Entry Archway with Blacklight Bolt for Trick-or-Treater's to Walk Thru

    Halloween Props
    I built an entry archway for ToT that was a hit with young and old ToT's alike. Especially if they were wearing white because the black light bolt made them glow. I got the idea of having them walk thru something that had depth to it from the Gemmy inflatables haunted houses. Mine is built...
  12. halloween clown archway

    does anyone have instruction on how to assemble the clown archway?
  13. Static: Indoor Office Archway

    Halloween Props
    I've been trying to figure out how to make a very lightweight and easily stored archway for my office. I found the following image and wanted to make a similar arch. It has to be very lightweight because technically attaching anything to the celing is against the rules (but they're okay as...
  14. Static: Archway Ideas?

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking of adding an archway to my cemetery, I don't want it to say Cemetery (too cliche') I may or may not want it to be able to be disassembled for easy storage so suggest away :) We have a black fence thing with little skulls every other pike along the yard with creepy tiki lights on the...
  15. Prop Showcase: Archway - GhostLight Manor

    Halloween Props
    This was last year's addition to our yard haunt. We wanted a grand entrance to our cemetery and after gathering as many ideas as I could from my favorite Halloween website(s), here is the almost finished archway. I ran out of time and still need to add a front gate and a plaque with the name...