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  1. Screenshot_20190925-215825_Gallery.jpg

    The skull archway! My favorite creation yet. I found it online for $1000 bucks and made it myself for about $80! Score!
  2. New Entrance for 2018

    This archway was made from PVC pipe and pool noodles. I found one similar on the internet but made it my way. Pics are of the finished unit and progress. The old one was inflatable and not scary enough. I started with a PVC frame and then the noodles were added using shrink wrap and finally...
    Hey Spooky People! This isn't so much a request for a tutorial as it is a "am I going about this correctly" guide. The entrance to our haunt is a sort of fall-down-the-rabbit-hole type deal. I want to build a rock arch similar to this: It's not going to be that wide as I only have about 5'...
  4. Halloween Props
    Wow! Just realized I have not posted this here yet for those that don't do the Facebook thang. Made an arch to replace the annual pain in the *** tree branch and webbing arch we make to go over the entrance to our graveyard every year. I designed it to be lightweight, weatherproof, and to...
  5. Halloween Props
    Each year dh and I go camping during the Halloween season and we are always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate our site. This year I have been saving empty Smart Water bottles, the larger one liter size. I had planned to simply spray paint them orange, paint on jack-o-lantern faces, and...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello all. Made this arch this morning out of 3/4 inch PVC You could probably use 1 inch I just had a bunch of 3/4 left over from an old project. The arch is 5 feet wide from inside pole to inside pole and stands 10 feet tall. Im going to paint it black and maybe add a bunch of fake roses and...
    I need some help from the awsome haunters here. I'm thinking of trying to create an arch with a pandora's box. Has anyone made one or can offer any tutorials/ideas?! :)
  8. Halloween Props
    Okay so I have been pining for an arch to add to my small, but ever growing cemetery haunt since I very first saw one. Well I'm hoping this year is the year I finally get one! I am definitely not up to par to create my own with foam. So there goes that, but I was just gifted a white metal arch...
  9. Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/35u0t2i7298pij82cxs5soz6n01g01ou Tracks Include: Introduction To Horror I'm Hungry Taking Papa Home The Dark A Day At The Dentist's The Posse Chicken Heart The Laughing Man
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Null and void...
  11. Halloween Props
    This is the 2nd Halloween in the new house and my wife wants to "do it right" after an innocent suggestion from me that snowballed into a large plan. I need help! My idea is to start off "slow" and build up every year. Adding a merry go round, non-functioning, She wants a Ferris wheel, etc...
  12. Halloween Props
    Good morning everyone. Need some color advice. Attached are two pictures. One is a garden arch that I am going to use as my cemetery entrance and the second picture are letters made of wood that I'm going to hang on the arch to spell out cemetery. I'm having a hard time figuring out what paint...
  13. Halloween Props
    This is the front panel First coat of paint Tea stained Done Let me know what you guys think.
  14. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    It SOLD!!! :)
  15. Blog
    So glad there was the time to make this just before Halloween. Was thinking if there was an impressive entrance to the haunt, it would help set the mood. Also, needed something to be obvious that this was the entrance to the garage haunt. This is a very large gate (8' x 6') so it is...
1-15 of 16 Results