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  1. Leatherface Human Flesh Butcher Apron - Question

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    * UPDATE - Leatherface Human Flesh Butcher Apron - Question Anybody have any experience making an apron that looks like a bunch of different human skin pieces sown together? I'm hoping to do it with relative low-expense, not using real leather necessarily. Thanks!
  2. Leatherface Costume help

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So this year I wanna dress up like Leatherface from the Original TCM. Does anyone know a place that I can get the Shirt, Apron & Tie from?
  3. Static: Flesh Apron

    Halloween Props
    So I haven't posted in a while because I've been super busy both Halloweening it up and getting ready to move. I still come a look around here though. I decided to take the time to post this project because I'm rather proud of it. Inspired by a pinterest pin here is my apron of flesh!