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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi Haunters, This is what I made for my CarnEVIL party/Haunt this year. Feedback is always appreciated. This is my first attempt at making a pneumatic prop.
  2. Halloween Props
    hi,im new to this site..but been looking around for years...just wanted to know whats a decent fog machine to buy?? ours just took a dump! after 3 years not sure on the name.. bought it from spirit . any help would be appreciated thanx!:o
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm thinking of doing a back garden free standing Halloween walkthrough. I don't have a clue were to start.... Any suggestions/ideas or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Even better show me pictures of yours. Thanks for all your help guys. :)
  4. Halloween Props
    We are going to do a Haunted Hayride this year and are looking for some ideas on what to do? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Halloween Music
    I'm uploading some new Halloween tutorials really soon and I'm looking for some royalty free music websites. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!;);)
  6. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi Guys, Been a crazy year. We moved to a new area and want to do a small Halloween party for two teen boys. Kinda late in the year to try this but thought it would be a good ice breaker. We have an open basement completely unfinished about 20 X 30 with stairs in the middle. One small window...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    In need of a picture of a Bloody Jack Horner and Miss Muffet. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  8. Halloween Props
    HoMedics FM-CR Foot Pleaser Foot Massager http://www.amazon.com/HoMedics-FM-CR-Foot-Pleaser-Massager/dp/B0002RQ0UK Both sides rotate. I saw it in a goodwill store it will only be 4.00 tomorrow. Wanted to know if it could be used to animate anything. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Halloween Props
    Hey fellow haunters. We just moved to a new house on an acerage this year for our Scare Away Cancer Haunt. With all the new space we have we need some really good ideas to make it super scary. We have a rather large vegetable garden that I would like to do something with, but I am looking for...
  10. Halloween Props
    Needing to Help Decorate a Cane for Halloween This Year, But i am Just at A Loss as what to Decorate it as, My Yard is going to be a Haunted Voodoo Cemetery Scene, but this is for Someone else, any Help is Appreciated .
  11. Halloween Props
    I found 2 gargoyles and 2 gazing ball columns at RiteAid for 75% off. The gargoyles sit on the columns pretty well and I would like to attach them. What is the best way to do that? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Wanted to Buy
    I'm needing someone to carve a few small pieces..no painting them. just need someone to carve it for me, tried my hand at it and not my thing but i really need them for something...if this isn't the right place to put this let me know..any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  13. Halloween Props
    I am new to building tombstones so any advice would be appreciated
    I really want to know how to make those amazing lemax spookytown landscapes, such as water, waterfalls and tunnels for the trains. Any help would be appreciated! Please and thank you in advance! :o
  15. Halloween Props
    I am trying to find a supplier of good quality UV paints. Not the ones that are invisible under daylight but rather the ones that you can see the color in the daylight and fluorese under blacklight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi guys can anyone tell me what costume this prop is wearing anything close would be appreciated.
  17. Halloween Props
    I'm just looking for old pictures of anything this company made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Thank you!
61-77 of 92 Results