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  1. Halloween Props
    So I have been playing around with a some used PIRs and I think I have learned a few things but I just want to confirm. I am working with 12V PIRs and have 12V actuators or 12 V LEDs hooked to them. First I noticed if I tried to directly hook the PIR to the actuator that the PIR triggers over...
  2. Halloween Props
    So I was just skimming thru pintrest and stumbled across this prop...to me its a bit of brilliance and though I don't really have an application for it at this time I thought someone on the forum just might so I wanted to pass it along in case someone might find it helpful. Cheers...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi, I just started playing with ROAR and I see soo many possibilities - Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, Puzzles. Has anyone else used this application in this manner? Now, I will say the following examples are for my upcoming St Patrick's Day Party, but the application of this is sound for our...
  4. General Halloween
    Halloween Forum is a really unique place and we want to keep it a friendly, awesome site for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and professional haunters alike. So that being said, the time has come to put out a call for a few good members to step up and help keep the forum clean and tidy...
  5. General Halloween
    So i saw the banner for a local spirit halloween yesterday. and like very year , i think , I should appply. But since I have a full time job. I wonder how many shifts constitutes part time. I did get as far as the online application. But stopped when they asked for a soc. security. any job I...
  6. General Halloween
    I was just bringing this up to hear what others would think a out it. Does anyone else think the Halloween Forum should have an iPod/iPhone app? Thanks a lot, the halloweenie
1-6 of 7 Results