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  1. Joann Fabrics - Friends & Family event - 25% off entire purchase + other specials

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Joann Fabrics has their Friends & Family event thru 3/9. Their biggest value offer is their 25% off Entire Purchase coupon (online and with their app for online and instore--looks like one coupon per day). There are other coupons if your signed up with them so don't forget to check for those.
  2. Nightmare King - Burger King

    General Halloween
    First found out about it from the BK app. Start today. The FIRST Nightmare King made at the BK today. Workers didn't know how to make it so they went outside and used their phone to snap a picture of the big poster promoting Nightmare King. (Buns is GREEN but camera can't seem to see it that...
  3. Joann - Halloween sale + Expires Sat. 9/29 Friends & Family and 4.99 ship Bonus

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Many items on Joann.com for Halloween are on sale. Their Funkins are 60% off. In addition thru Saturday, 9/29, you can also apply a Friends & Family Discount of 25% off Your Entire Purchase (see website for some restrictions but the 25% applies to regular and sale priced items exclusive of...
  4. HalloweenForum App

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Not sure if the HF app is still a thing, but for me it reads "Error! Required client information missing" when I try to get in. I have tried to Log In and Skip for now, but I get the same message each time.
  5. ROAR Augmented Reality App.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi, I just started playing with ROAR and I see soo many possibilities - Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, Puzzles. Has anyone else used this application in this manner? Now, I will say the following examples are for my upcoming St Patrick's Day Party, but the application of this is sound for our...
  6. Lights

    Halloween Props
    I need to be able to turn on a set of lights or light bulbs all at once with the help of an app on my phone. The setup will be in a tent outside. I will have access to one plug.. is there a product out there I can buy that will turn on the lights thru a phone app.. I already have one of the...
  7. Hallo’Scream Sound Effects app free

    Hallo’Scream https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zachery.halloween contains some very loud and very chilling FX. Hallo’Scream the scariest-sounding and cutest-looking sound effects app. Collection of Halloween themed sounds and easy to press buttons. Of course Free. Some current...
  8. Design App?

    General Halloween
    Is there anyone using an app for designing their Halloween scenes? I can find floor or home design apps, but I'm insure if they would have the icons I'd need to accurately position things like lights and props. I'd be interested in any suggestions for iOS or a Mac.
  9. App developer here to spread my Halloween safety app

    Member Introduction
    Hello all! I am grateful to find this huge community made for Halloween. I have made an account to push out my creation called CreepTrek, which is a google-maps based web app where users can self report all those "creepy clown sightings". It has been listed on top news sources and is gaining...
  10. Android app

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I cannot sign in to my account on the app. It says err guest is not allowed this function. I cannot use facebook either. Is there something I can do?
  11. App problems

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Does anyone know what is wrong with my app? I switched phones with my son and when I loaded the app and entered my username and password the app closes/disappears.
  12. the app

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I don't have Internet at home right now and rely on my phone. The site is too much to handle on the phone and the app is no good. Are there plans for a better app situation?
  13. Morphsuits (Digital Dudz) 50% off sale

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I checked out the MORPHSUITS' website today and saw that they have a number of masks, morphsuits, and accessories on sale right now for 50% off. These are pretty cool items. I recently downloaded the free moving eyeball, beating heart, wiggling worms, etc videos that are part of the Digital Dudz...
  14. Using Penultimate note taking app for diagramming haunt layouts -- freehand sketching

    General Halloween
    For those of you who aren't comfortable using your computer draw programs to plan out your haunt layout, if you have a tablet here's something you might consider. I thought I would share a few very rough initial layouts that I did the other night from something I sketched out on my iPad with...
  15. Ever Heard Of THIS?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    An EMF detecting device created by buying an "App" for a cell phone? I was told the "APP" cost $300.00! I was also told by a man who I consider to be an electrical genius.. that it could not possibly "Work" since a cellphone emits EMF. ????
  16. Forum app for iOS 8 6 plus

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So I just got a new iPhone but the app crashes every time. I tried to email but don't know who to report it to HELP LESS THAN 100 to have my things completely done !
  17. Electronic/Software: A use for old smart cell phones as digital eyeballs

    Halloween Props
    I stumbled on this website they sell masks and t shirts that hold a cell phone in an eye socket that plays a moving eyeball around. Boy I went to so much trouble animating my talking skeletons eyeballs this would have been so simple. Looks like a mask costs around $50 and the app somehow comes...
  18. I'm here... Let the scaring begin!

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I run a new halloween app called Dare to Scare. It is the first ever reality Scaring app that allows you to watch live streaming video of people going through haunted houses then activate props to scare them and watch their reactions all from your phone! It's an awesome and...
  19. Halloween Horror Makeup app

    Another year, another Halloween but no app update this time. Three years ago we released the first version of our Horror Makeup app for Android. The project's site is located at http://sawati.com/ And the app is available from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sawati.horror.ad...
  20. Looking for an Halloween app

    General Halloween
    hi all, I've tried the search button here but get so many results that are not what i'm looking for that i'm just going to ask. I have had an App on my Iphone that has animated images like an eye looking around, and a heart beating and other cool stuff. you can place it in a special t-shirt to...