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  1. Halloween Props
    First, admins, if this is a duplicate thread please feel free to combine it.I was looking to start a thread where everybody could post pics and videos of there haunts and parties. :D I thought I would post a PRE-PARTY video of my setup. Its a Medieval Apothecary/torture type idea I had. I am...
  2. Halloween Crafts
    Apothecary Jars, Labels, Tags & Ideas Everyone is always looking for potion lables & apothecary ideas so I thought I'd start a thread where you can post them for sharing. :) You will also find a few other Halloween paper printables & Halloween decor ideas too. :) (NOTE: These are all FREE...
  3. Halloween Crafts
    I finally made my own set of apothecary jars. Thanks goes to pmpknqueen for the "Warlock's Beard" and "Pasteurized Werewolf Milk" labels, they look amazing!
  4. Halloween Crafts
    I just read a post from Wolfbeard regarding veins made from "red" hot glue that got me thinking. What do you have in YOUR bottles and jars? What items have you used for display and what do they represent? (eg, instant rice for dried maggot larva, corn flakes for scabs, etc.)
1-4 of 4 Results