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  1. First ever halloween party...need help.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello all! This will be the first year I am throwing a Halloween party. About 20 people will be coming so far but we can expect up to 30. We are ordering pizza/wings as the main food. I am a baker and crafter and I am looking for more ideas for food - especially snacks, apps, and desserts. It...
  2. Darkhaven Apartment 2017

    General Halloween
    Last October was our first in our new apartment, as we sold our home in January of 2016. Not having a yard to haunt has been a real downer, but we've made do with decorating our apartment until we've found the right home to settle down in. I wasn't able to post pictures of the apartment last...
  3. My Haunted Apartment: 2016

    General Halloween
    (Can you see the images? please let me know, be a pal and help me correct this, not sure if i did something wrong..thanks) Getting prepared for 2017 this weekend, here's a look at last year's setup.. Enjoy! :D [/ATTACH]ATTACH=CONFIG]464601 [/ATTACH[ATTACH=CONFIG]464761
  4. Apartment Decorating

    General Halloween
    Good Day everyone. I was just thinking about what the title is and decided to post here, as I am sure some of ya'll can relate as well. So, we all know that there's TONS of creativity when it comes to Halloween decorating. The only problem with that, however, is the space you can work with. Some...
  5. Decorating Our New Apartment

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted and a LOT has changed in our lives. We moved this past February from our home into an apartment and are planning on residing here until we purchase another home next summer. Unfortunately this means we will not have a big yard display this year...
  6. My Haunted Apartment 2015

    General Halloween
    Setup starts Sept 1st, goes right up until Halloween day :)
  7. Hi. Newbie here.

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I have actually been lurking for a few years on the forum. I was looking in envy of all the things that you guys were doing. But I will lurk no more. I just moved into a house from an apartment and finally have room to put out more than a few window clings. I am so excited and...
  8. Hello from South Florida!

    Member Introduction
    Once Fourth of July is wrapped up, it's Halloween time! A reddit user from the Halloween subreddit suggested visiting this forum and here I am! I've been a huge Halloween fan since I was a kid, and this year is particularly exciting because my wife and I are moving into a house this month...
  9. Hi.

    Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is Britany & my husband is Chris Chris has always loved Halloween - Me, not so much. Last year we hosted our first halloween party together in a one bedroom apartment. It was quite stressful but in the end it went great. Did I mention we won best decorated apartment? In the...
  10. Anyone haunt an apartment? Or a small space?

    General Halloween
    New here and want to see any pictures or ideas for haunting an apartment. We have several neighbors that already have lights up, and uses scene setters to cover their windows. Some have a few small hanging props. We live on the ground floor facing a pretty nice tropical courtyard with palm and...
  11. Hello!

    Member Introduction
    My name is Katey and I'm not good at writing introductions so I'm probably going to keep this pretty short. I found this forum while doing one of my many Google searches. Halloween is my very favorite time of year and my apartment is forever decorated for the occasion (much to my hubby's...
  12. Small Space (Apartment Balcony) Spider Infestation 2014

    General Halloween
    Attached are photos of our 2014 apartment decorations. I learned about beef netting webs from this Forum, and I think it really takes our display to the next level!
  13. Stairwell Haunt Ideas?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I live on the second floor of a 1920's-ish apartment. And the stairway to this second floor is actually inside my apartment (my front door opens right into it), complete with creaky dark wooden stairs in what is essentially an enclosed hallway. It occurred to me I could actually make a sort...
  14. Show me your photo op!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I want to set up a photo op (think prom pics but Halloween) to the left of the door of my apartment (because that is the only place there is room). Initial thoughts are a scenesetter backdrop and then some... balloons framing the area to stand or something? This will be outside the front door...
  15. Other: Idea for making a creepy door on an interior hallway.

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! This is my first post and I look forward to getting some great feedback from all of you out there! Unfortunately we don't have a large house and a yard to decorate, (someday!) but for now I haunt the hell out of our apartment! Every year we have a Halloween party for our friends and...