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  1. Fright Night Motel - 5/25-5/26/19 - Mushroom Mardi Gras near San Jose, CA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    READ UPDATE AT END OF THIS TREAD. :p This was seen setting up at the Mushroom Mardi Gras event near San Jose, California (in Morgan Hill). The Mushroom Mardi Gras runs Saturday - Sunday, 5/25-5/26/19, and is a very popular street event in downtown Morgan Hill that attracts people from around...
  2. Online Halloween Antique Store

    General Halloween
    So I was browsing Pinterest and I stumbled on a really cool site that sells antique and vintage Halloween stuffs. Some of the items are handmade. If you into the old fashioned Halloween vibe, this store is perfect for you! Link: http://www.halloweentreasurestudio.com/index.html
  3. Sinister Suitcase

    Halloween Props
    Your luggage Mr. Potter. I’m always mystified by what you might find in the discount aisles of Hobby Lobby. You can never have too many suit cases and antique glass bottles wrapped in twine. Oh my precious what plans I have for you…
  4. Antique store buy Halloween 1931 post card

    General Halloween
    Picked up this post-card from 1931 today at an antique show, the card is dated as being written on the 30th of October and post marked on Halloween Day 1931.
  5. Prop Showcase: Bring me the heart of Davy Jones in a treasure chest!

    Halloween Props
    This is one of our new creations. A treasure chest covered in aquatic antiquing. With the heart of Davy Jones inside. Also have a pic of the chest filled with treasure. The treasure chest is made of wood. The barnacles, star fish and the heart are all latex. Hope everyone likes it...
  6. Other Help! I can't decide...

    Halloween Crafts
    Help! I found this amazing mirror recently and am starting its transformation. I can't decide though... Do I leave some of the original antige gold peeking thru or go all black? Here are pics of it original and so far (with the gold still showing some.) What do you all think??? Help me...
  7. Paper Pumpkin at antique shop...good price or not?

    General Halloween
    I don't know much about these types of items but, know someone on these forums will know. Saw this at an antique shop today and was wondering how overpriced is it or is it a fair price? It was in top shape with no damage seen and the colors were strong and bright. Also what decade would you say...
  8. Thrift Finds 2015

    General Halloween
    I wasn't able to find a thread about thrift store/garage sale/antique store finds. I love finding old school and newer Halloween goodness for pennies on the dollar. I will be posting some pictures of my recent finds to this thread. Feel free to share some of your thrift finds here are well...
  9. Other: How to make a baby stroller look antique or just old

    Halloween Props
    Morning Everyone, I am needing help on taking a baby stroller and making it old/antique,any help will be much appreciated!!:)
  10. Mechanical: Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW

    Halloween Props
    Awesome antique store find. 24" Telco Creature From the Black lagoon Motion-ette WOW While browsing through a local antique store today, I happened upon this one dealers booth with a ton of Halloween stuff in it. I started cheking things out when I spotted it. There over in the corner was a...
  11. Anyone know where I can find an antique looking key?

    General Halloween
    I am looking for an antique like key. But for a reasonable price. I was thinking Hobby Lobby? Does anyone know if they have any? I am going to put it on a bottle I made. Thanks!
  12. Mechanical: Another Big Knife Switch to my Collection

    Halloween Props
    Although this isn't a real antique knife switch, is is still quite old. I did add the handle to make it look more like a real one, but what l like about it is the base is slate which is a great score. It originally came from a disconnect switch. As you can see I did change handles now l have the...
  13. **look what i got today**

    General Halloween
    I picked up this casket off a guy on cragslist today ... It says its from Pennhurst Asylum........this is the website....... (http://www.pennhurstasylum.com/) Now i gotta figure out what its worth, maybe i will sell it or trade up?