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  1. When does it sink in that Halloween is around the corner?

    General Halloween
    Is it something personal or is it when the rest of society catches up? For me, I tend to realize it around this time when I realize September is coming up and I'll be able to start putting up my fall decorations. And when craft stores have starting sprinkling in their fall items.:D It's a...
  2. Yard Decorations : How long before Halloween do you put them out?

    General Halloween
    Just curious if anyone has any strategies on how far in advance you put stuff in your yard. Does time build interest among your neighbors or does the effect get stale if you get too far ahead? I ask because this will be my first time decorating a yard that's really visible to passersby. Plus I...
  3. Oct. 2015 - Show Your Haunt/Yard Progress Each Week!

    General Halloween
    For 2015 - Let's show each other how we "trickle" decorations outside over the course of October! Many of us on the forum describe how we build and set up our decorations in anticipation for the big day. If you're a "Trickler", post your photos as you add new items so we can enjoy what your...
  4. Why I Love Halloween!

    General Halloween
    This is when I have some hired helpers to run tours through Ravens Grin, which means sometimes I get to be at the other end of where certain things happen, and get to see the screaming fun more! This season so many new and simple little moves have been found by myself and those hired others...