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  1. Quick & Easy Fire & Ice Shrouds

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    If you're like me, you hate seeing the light source from the sides of Fire & Ice Lights. Here's a quick easy way to make shrouds for them to eliminate that problem. Cut down a 12 ounce Styrofoam cup to 2-1/2". Apply a couple coats of flat black craft paint to the outside. When it's dry, slip it...
  2. Mechanical: Pennywise wireless keyfob remote add on Hack

    Halloween Props
    hi not sure if everyone who got ahold of the 2017 pennywise, and noticed that it has a sound motion or you can use the supplied really short wired try me button. kind of annoying if there is too much noise the pennywise activates constantly and the try me cord is not long enough, so I decided to...
  3. Through the Country Door Halloween 2017

    General Halloween
    http://home-decor.countrydoor.com/search?w=halloween It seems like an odd place to find Halloween but they have some cool stuff & cheaper variations on more expensive stuff. I like the look of this guy: http://www.countrydoor.com/Holiday/Halloween/animated-tree-man.pro?omSource=SLI& He's hard...
  4. Target Halloween - 2017

    General Halloween
    Looks like Target is starting to list Halloween items on their webpage. Not available to order yet but found the Gemmy Palm Reader Sign (same as the one HD will carry from the pictures with the Blue text and Pink/Red Palm). The price on these seem to be about the same. Some places will have...
  5. Merchandisers annoying need to unnecessarily label product

    General Halloween
    This is so annoying to me. It's bad enough to ruin awesome products with "happy halloween" or "spooky" or "witch's brew," (because I love to decorate realistically and a witch would never have a cauldron that said "witch's brew). But stuff like THIS really takes the cake. I suppose they...
  6. Annoying ads

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Ok. I'm going to speak up. What is with the bombardment of non-pertinent to Halloween ads popping up all over. Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Is this the new Forum? Hmm. Off to the Other H. Forum perhaps.
  7. Annoying Interviews

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I just watched a baseball game today on ESPN for the first time this year. They were conducting interviews during the game with kind of a split screen with about ¼ of the screen taken up with the interview & ¾ showing the game in progress. I found this rather intrusive. Is it just me or does...
  8. Why does the forum time out so quickly?

    General Halloween
    Can somebody tell me why the forum times out on you so quickly? I can't tell you how many long and thoughtful posts I've written in reply to somebody or other that never get posted because because I've been timed out. When I first joined in 2002, this was never an issue. You could sign in and...