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  1. I need a little help with a Queen Anne Boleyn costume idea

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey everyone! I want to be Anne Boleyn for Halloween and already have a dress that I just need to add sleeves to. I don't want to just be a regal looking Anne, I would like to be Anne in mid-decapitation. I want to cut parts of a plastic ax and attach them to my neck so it looks like it is going...
  2. Alice, Anne Boleyn, or otherwise? Help me decide!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm finding myself torn between two, possibly three options this Halloween. I was debating going as Anne Boleyn again (I have since improved my burgundy Tudor-ish dress, and I even have the "B" necklace), but then I saw an awesome Alice in Wonderland outfit on ebay. Sure enough, it looked as...