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    50% Off Animatronics! April 11th thru April 21st Animatronic Sale! 50% Off Select Animatronics *Online Only. While Supplies Last http://www.spirithalloween.com/animatronic-sale/
  2. Electronic/Software: Issue with sensitivity of animatronics

    Halloween Props
    hello all! we are doing our first ever haunted garage this year. the thing is up and running now, hoping to debut it on the 20th to chime with my daughters halloween / birthday party. i'm having an issue with the animatronics though. they are sound activated, and i hoped that the loud scary...
  3. Prop Showcase: Belvedere Obrien's Ghost by Evil Mind Creations

    Halloween Props
    Innovative... definitely. But I don't know how this would scare anyone honestly. Very... interesting(?) animatronic...
  4. Electronic/Software: Audio for Animatronic Props

    Halloween Props
    I have some comments and questions about the Audio for the Animatronic props manufactured by Gemmy. Wouldn’t be great if you could hook up the audio from their animatronic props (Pinhead, Freddy, Michael, etc) to a stereo system (or audio mixing board) so they can be amplified really loud. I...
  5. Other: Halloween Animatronics

    Halloween Props
    Not sure how many folks out there are interested in Animatronics, but I have been stepping up my robotics/electronics abilities in the hopes to scare children and adults alike! I would love to get some comments/suggestions on the current projects if anyone is up for it...
  6. Signing in as suggested

    Member Introduction
    Hello haunters, I am signing in on this new member area as suggested. I haven't read any others yet so I won't be influenced as to what I should say. I have never been a part of a forum before so I am maybe more of a "newbie" than most. I am just getting started in this whole field of...
  7. HUGE assortment of Props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling a bunch of great props at a steal to clear out some much needed room, allow me to change my home haunt into a single continuous theme, and because unfortunately my job does not allow me the time that I used to have so I need to scale back a bit. I have grown quite attached to some...
  8. Prop Showcase: Video of 3-axis skulls in action

    Halloween Props
    I will post links to video of my 3-axis skulls shortly... -Steve
  9. Prop Showcase: So You Want to do Animatronics?...

    Halloween Props
    ... then let my friend, Peter, inspire you: SoCalHalloween Just so you know the extent of Peter's work, the only thing in his display that he didn't build is the Bucky body that the skull is perched on. I have the good fortune of being Peter's friend and neighbor and helped him shoot the...