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  1. Mechanical: We Made The Cover Of Servo Magazine!

    Halloween Props
    Our newest creation, JARVIS, made the cover of the September issue of Servo Magazine! JARVIS is a steampunk robot that I made to showcase many of the Animatronic systems I use when I build my characters. I designed him so that he could be disassembled and shipped to the various Haunt...
  2. Mechanical: Animatronics Question

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a place/website/company that sold animatronic mechanisms, complete with programming, that I could design a character onto. I enjoy making static props, but seeing a prop come to life is something special :) If you know of a place, please let me know. Thanks
  3. Electronic/Software: My new prop!

    Halloween Props
    Yesterday I was shopping at homesence when I came across this animatronic raven. He needs a little paint to take the shine away however will make a great addition to the haunt.
  4. Mechanical: Which works better for you: scary ambiance props or jump scares?

    Halloween Props
    I still consider myself new to home haunting. I have only a few props, and most of them are small items from Spirit Halloween. This year, I'm doing a small maze in the garage for the first time. Because I'll have room to spread out, I'm curious which works best for TOTers. Do you like animated...
  5. Spirit Halloween Animatronics To Be Filmed in 2016

    Here is a list of all the animatronics I hope to film at Spirit Halloween during the 2016 season: 1. Boogie Man 2. Mourning Gory 3. Howling Werewolf 4. Floating Ghost Girl 5. Sitting Scarecrow 6. Attack Spider 7. Hay Bale Popper 8. Electrified Corpse 9. Smoldering Zombie Groundbreaker 10...
  6. Halloween Animatronics Quiz

    I put together this quiz where you enter the name of the Halloween prop you see pictured. I don't think the community of the site I put it on would appreciate it much, but I know you guys would. If you're interested, here it is: http://www.sporcle.com/games/_pressure82_/halloween-animatronics
  7. Electronic/Software: Names & Prices of 2016 Spirit Halloween Props

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, after doing some very time-consuming research based on the pictures of new props found by dd_richart1, I've managed to create a list of most of the new for 2016 Spirit Halloween props as well as most of their prices. It seems like Spirit Halloween must have removed the images of...
  8. Spirit Halloween 2016 Fright Squad Theme Predictions

    General Halloween
    UPDATE: Thanks to a video from DavidsTV along with other photos, we now know both of the themes: The Bell Tower and a Hotel! We also know for sure which theme several props are going to be in, which are listed below. Bell Tower: -Cerberus (Returning from 2015) -Lil' Skelly Bones (Returning...
  9. Pneumatic: Poison Props animatronics best scare?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I have been looking at poisonprops.com never bought from them before they sure have some cool animatronics expensive but amazing to say none the less. Any of you have a favorite from them? I have 3 that I like so far which one would scare someone the most. My theme is mixed so any of...
  10. for sale Mansion of the Macabre

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    The mansion closed last year and it is up for SALE! we were a yard haunt with many commercially built animatronics. we have been on ABC good morning America. for list of items available please contact drdragon
  11. Mechanical: 2016 animatronic predictions

    Halloween Props
    What are your predictions for 2016 animatronics?
  12. Five Nights at Freddy's - Funko Has the Rights to Merchandise

    General Halloween
    I recall quite a few members here mentioning their fondness of the series. Funko, a toy company, has the rights to produce a variety of different goods. No pictures of the actual items yet, but there is a list of the types of products that will be made and a great shot of the various...
  13. Electronic/Software: Drunk Pirate

    Halloween Props
    This year we had a pirate themed Haunt.....this was the start of the haunt. https://vimeo.com/144306334
  14. 2015 Fryght Manor Build

    General Halloween
    No great shakes, but I was able to build my pallet entrance today. Not where I want it yet, but it took awhile. It is essentially three sided with the longest side being about 16ft long. I am hoping that the entrance will better frame some of my animatronics. Maybe next year, I will build it a...
  15. Pneumatic: animatronics halloween prop

    Halloween Props
  16. Hello everyone out there.

    Member Introduction
    Hey guys. I've been reading a lot of these diy posts so I decided to just join in the fun. Hollowenn is our favorite holiday and our display gets bigger every year but I'm tired of the store bought props and animatronics. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to help get my diy...
  17. Different voice over options!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi! Halloween is ever nearer! I haven't posted on this forum for a few years but iv come back as I wanted to point out a useful tool i have come across and I feel selfish for keeping it to yself! I work making animations and routines for different animatronics. There is this amazing, and i...
  18. Mechanical: Has anyone worked with Harvey Skull over Bucky for animatronics?

    Halloween Props
    Next year I would like to try and do the talking Skull animatronics that I have seen on this site. It looks like most are suggesting the Bucky skull for it, but I really like the Harvey skull since it is more life life. It has a removable skull and hinged jaw like the bucky...but the teeth are...
  19. Grandin Road Lady In Black & Other Props For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am clearing out a lot of my Halloween props. All are from an adult only, smoke and pet free household. If interested in anything please send pm for shipping quote. Thanks! ~ Grandin Road Lady In Black - New In Box - Sold The photo is one that I am keeping. The one I am selling has not been...
  20. Spirit Halloween Animatronics To Be Filmed 2015

    So far, here is a list of all the Spirit Halloween animatronics and props I will be filming for 2015. -Smoldering Zombie -Harbinger of Hell -Twitching Banshee -Compost Corpse -Cerebus Three-Headed Dog -The Incinerator -Pumpkin Guardian of the Grave -Talking Skeleton Cameos -Roaming Rosie Red...