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  1. EVERYTHING MUST GO Halloween Animatronics

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    With the deadline for my setup of my new Halloween display, I am in need to move out all of the older items, or items that were never used for previous displays. The price of everything are over 75% less than what they go for on eBay or on retail. The conditions, prices, and descriptions, as...
  2. Might've went a little clown crazy!

    General Halloween
    Been a long time since I was around but I'm back. Always loved Halloween and always wanted to go crazy with my house for trick or treating. When I lived in Houston I did just that and loved every bit of it. When I moved I sold most of my stuff and have come to miss those days. Well I am settled...
  3. New member from Indiana

    Member Introduction
    I'm a new member from Indiana . Been growing my Halloween display for the last few years. Lots of props and some lights to music . Looking to add some more animatronics this year . Have a 3 year old granddaughter that is crazy about Halloween year around. That makes it so much fun.
  4. Adam The Woo's Halloween Adventures!

    General Halloween
    Adam has started off the Halloween season in his latest vlog with Universal Halloween Horror Nights now setting up...It's cool to see the classic monsters are returning...A lot of cool merchandise this year too....I hope he get's some video of the animatronics working....ZR...
  5. Looking for any FOG MACHINE props

    Wanted to Buy
    Good afternoon, I am in search of any cool full-size animatronics or props that feature a fog machine hook-up (or with it built-in). I do not mind if it is brand new or in used condition. I am willing to buy or trade for any cool full-size animatronics or props with a fog-machine hook-up (or...
  6. Multiple self made props and animatronics for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have several props and animatronics that were self made and of high quality. I have reapers, zombie props, animatronic zombies that sway from side to side with adjustable speed, graveyard fences and columns, skeletons coming out of the ground that were built and corpsed. I have lighting that...
  7. Electronic/Software: Advice on animatronics

    Halloween Props
    hello julian here and ive been making props for the last 2 years love Halloween im a Chevrolet technician and have a pretty good grasp of dc voltage and pretty much the flow of energy I am here cause I know animatronics is a new ball park I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book or vid on...
  8. Spirit Halloween Life-Size Animatronics + More for sale!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey everyone! I have a few life-size animatronics, some from Spirit Halloween, for sale. Feel free to leave an offer, or ask any questions by private messing me, or replying to this thread. Key: Product Name - Brand - Condition 3ft Jumping Dog (Tekky Toys) (Brand New in Box) 4ft Pop-Up Zombie...
  9. Mechanical: Kindo's shiatsu massager prop 2018

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! first post of the year for me. ya, I'm late. been working on a shiatsu prop in between cleaning up for the builds this year. i have to much stuff ha ha! ill go more in depth a bit later but here's what I've got so far. Pretty happy with the out come so far. its been super easy to make...
  10. FREE Shipping Memorial Weekend

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Actobotics & RC parts starting now - May 29th! https://www.servocity.com/
  11. Mechanical: Target Skeleton Fortune teller help

    Halloween Props
    So I got this Skeleton fortune Teller from Target for $50 after halloween. orginly $100. He works fine. Only problem is that his volume/on switch wasn't attached. so no matter if i try screwing or glueing it in. it pops out. so i got three questions. Question one: Is their a way to keep the...
  12. Halloween Inventory Liquidation

    For Sale By Merchants
    I am liquidating $693,515.38 (retail value) of assorted Halloween merchandise. I want to sell it in one transaction. Mostly adult and kids costumes; some decor, animatronics, accessories, etc. If you are interested in seeing the manifests please reply with your email. Thank you.
  13. We need a place to trade parts for broken animatronics

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Over the last 3-4 years I've purchased several animatronics from that big online store (that rhymes with Fear It), and most of them stopped working in the same season I bought them. I've been opening them up and trying to fix them, to no avail. Last year I contacted "Fear It" in hopes that I...
  14. Garage Haunt 2017

    General Halloween
    This year our garage haunt is our biggest yet, and it's the first one I'm posting here from start-to-finish. We just finalized the layout. Construction begins in 2 weeks. The whole haunt is 18'x16' 6 rooms 3 animatronics (2 jumping spiders + 1 hanging zombie) 2 actors (in blue) ROOM 1...
  15. "Glowing Eyes". Worth the Effort?

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure most of you have seen the 'eyes' cut out of TP rolls with a glow stick shoved inside. You know, stick 'me in the hedge.... Ive never tried that, but I'd like to. BUT. It's not like we don't have a bunch of other stuff in the front yard. Fog, tombstones, animatronics as well as statics...
  16. DIY Animatronics on Facebook Live

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    If you are interested in Do It Yourself Animatronics, please join me on my Facebook Live on Sunday evenings. We will be starting at 6:00 Pacific time this week (usual time is 5:00 Pacific) and will be discussing using wiper motors to power your props. The link for my Facebook page is...
  17. Looking to buy Halloween Animatronics working or not!!!!

    Wanted to Buy
    HI there! My name is Dave, i live in Northeast Pennsylvania, and i am looking to purchase Halloween Animatronics! Preferably near my location (no more than an hour away) so i can pick them up locally! but if you're not near me i will pay for shipping too! I'm mainly looking to grow my...
  18. new 2017 animatronics

    General Halloween
    omg gotta have....will have this one
  19. Mechanical: Spirit Animatronics Any Good?

    Halloween Props
    Hey Guys, I've had my eye on some animatronic displays sold at Spirit, particularly the 4ft werewolf and a swinging scarecrow. However, I've never purchased any animatronics such as these before because they've always been so expensive and the quality feels like it wouldn't be the best. What's...
  20. New Member from Minneapolis, MN

    Member Introduction
    Hello all! I joined about a year ago but haven't been active. I'm going to try harder in the future :) I'm just a hobbyist who's interested in Halloween and other animatronics and electronics. It's great fun to see what you're all up to!