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  1. General Halloween
    We had rain, technical difficulties, too much fog, and fun. Here's our video: YouTube - Legend of the Wood Haunt 2009
  2. Halloween Props
    Greetings people, This will be my first post after floating around in the darkness and gathering much useful information from this site. This is my second year doing a home haunt (now that I have an actual home to haunt) and I'm in need of some assistance. I managed to acquire a Gemmy Jason from...
  3. Halloween Props
    Denny showing off his Ground breaker/jumper.
  4. Halloween Props
    Our version of the "stirring witch" prop, tweaked to fit our 2007 clown / midway themed haunt. Used windshield wiper motor for main movement, with a secondary motor recycled from a Christmas reindeer turning the head. Eyes were from ACC, inserted into a cheapie dollar store mask repainted as a...