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  1. Halloween Props
    Introducing my conjoined twins Merle & Earle. One of them is a cannibal and the other likes moonshine a little too much. Here is the construction and the completion of The Pond Pump Puker
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for the 2020 Home Depot Grave Digger Please. Willing to buy locally or have it shipped. TYIA
    $200 USD
  3. Wanted to Buy
    Howdy I'm looking to buy the 2020 Home Depot Home Accents Holiday 7 ft. Animated Howling Werewolf with LifeEyes animatronic. I prefer a model in working condition. Thank you for looking!
  4. Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for a 2018-2019 Canadian Home Depot Home Accents Halloween 84 inch Towering Creepy Werewolf animatronic. It looks a lot like the gray version sold in the US, but is totally white. I do not have the model number, but have seen pictures of the box it came in and it's the typical pink...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    Want to buy a Home Accents (Home Depot) 6 foot Dreadful Dreams Animated Alien animatronic as shown. Thank you!
  6. Halloween Props
    I’m new to animatronics and not really sure how to get this guy to work. The try me button works when pressed however I don’t assume each passerby will press this obscure and short button to active it. There are two wires inside that are not connected to anything. I can’t even find this doll on...
  7. Halloween Props
    I've been following this one on the Internet and it just came to my local Spirit Halloween. I found a 20% off coupon on the Internet - it appeared to be just a numerical code to enter when purchasing online; however, they accepted a copy of the screen image of the coupon at the register at...
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for either this Headless Horseman animantronic or the Reaper's Ride version that came later. I am aware that Costco is apparently selling a version of this for 2022 but they won't ship to the US and with customs it might take too long anyway. If anyone has any lead on one of these or...
  9. Wanted to Buy
    Hoping to find a Ferry of the dead in the Bay Area, preferably in decent working condition, also in search of the Haunted Hearse & Pony combo. Willing to negotiate a bit but not able to pay the scalper prices on eBay etc.
    $300 USD
  10. Halloween Props
    I am using a mannequin for my Flashing Zombie for our NOLA theme this year (yes, THAT kind of flashing), and trying to figure out what I can use to attach pvc arms to the current arm sockets on the mannequin which will allow free movement up and down. Using pvc arms bulked up with pool noodles...
  11. Halloween Props
    EDIT: My father and I built a new source of power for the girl's motor, as there was a blown connector on the circuit board. Beware cheap animatronics! But, at least she moves when he's on now! I've been a member for about a year, decided to make a post asking for some help! Anybody have an...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hello! I plan on getting these two animatronic. But I am planning to add a new section to my haunt. This section will cost a bit of money. I might end up only getting one animatronic. Which should I get/get first?
  13. Wanted to Buy
    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a Gemmy Dead Eye Drake (cartoon variant) in any condition as long as he still turns on, also can either be the static version or moving arm variant. I'm located in the UK but am willing to pay postage costs to import him over here (listing it on ebay and having it...
    £450 GBP
  14. Halloween Props
    I’m sure you all remember Hungry Harry, an animatronic originally sold by Spirit Halloween in 2005 and then by other retailers later on. The manufacturer of this animatronic remained a mystery for many years, with names thrown around like Gemmy and Magic Power often appearing in misleading...
  15. General Halloween
    Hi, I'm hoping for some help deciding how to store my animatronics. I'm worried they will be damaged outside in an unheated shed or garage throughout winter and summer in Canada. I now have too much for heated basement storage. Wondering if safe to store outside in this climate and what's the...
  16. Wanted to Buy
    Hello All! I am looking for the Deluxe Model of the Jack Skllingon Animatronic by Gemmy. I know there are countless of them on eBay but they are $300 or more. I am looking for it directly from Home Depot or for one of equal or less price. May also be willing to trade my old model for a new one.
  17. Wanted to Buy
    I have a Gemmy 2011 Ghostface, it's missing the parts for his arm. It's missing the spring and the spring cover/plate. If you have a fried ghostface that you wouldn't mind taking the mechanism apart to give me these pieces, that would be great. I have included pictures of what my Ghostface arm...
  18. Halloween Props
    Hi, I setup my dragon and tested the fog machine. Both work fine, but is there a way to sync the fog and dragon together? The dragon comes on when the sensor it tripped, but the fog machine ison its own timer. I have a fog remote/timer and thought maybe if the fog came out, it would trip the...
  19. Halloween Props
    So we got this guy from someone who was looking to get rid of his Halloween stuff. The previous owner swore it worked but it ain’t. So he is supposed to start laughing when he detects motion, his eyes light up and his jaw moves. He then pulls down his face to reveal his skull (or at least he’s...
1-20 of 131 Results