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  1. DAZL Show Automation Software Released!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    RELEASE NOTICE Misery Bay Software announces the immediate release of DAZL and DAZL Player software for evaluation and purchase at www.miserybay-software.com. [DAZL Home $199, DAZL Plus $399, DAZL Pro $599, DAZL Player $39] As a long-time member at HalloweenForum, the creation of this software...
  2. My Monster In A Box

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I found a small crate at work and decided to take a whack at the classic Monster In A Box prop. My version is made to look like an old box that might have been around for many, many years. I used a green light instead of the traditional red just to be different. The monster is an old dollar...
  3. Lighting: Edgar Allan Poe Projection

    Halloween Props
    Last Halloween I created this animation of a bust of Poe reciting "The Raven" I never used it. I was going to project it into a graveyard and have Poe appear and talk, a-la the Haunted Mansion Singing Busts. If anyone here wants to use it, please be my guest. you can copy and use it free from...
  4. Arduino Talking Skull Project on the Cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi folks, I'm working on an arduino talking skull project for a greeter for our haunt for next year. The skull is a cast I made of a high end skull (medical grade realistic) but I rotocast it out of resin to keep the weight down. My intention is to build a skeleton greeter in a booth that is...
  5. 50% Off ALL animaitons on our ENTIRE website!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hey Haunters! It's time for our annual "13 Days to Halloween" 48-hour sale! From October 18th-19th, ALL Animations (Halloween AND Christmas) on our entire website are 50% off! That means you pay no more than $15 for each animation! No minimum to buy! (bulk discounts are NOT available during...
  6. Projected Pumpkins.com

    For Sale By Merchants
    New Highway to Hell pumpkins are ready for this Halloween! Check them out on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5amfm43KGA Awesome animated display for Halloween. Just one projector for all three pumpkins. Come to ProjectedPumpkin.com for more details on this and many more...
  7. Repairing Lemax Spooky Town Tower

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Not sure if this is correct forum, but wanted to see if anybody had experience with repairing Lemax Haunted Clock Tower 35531. The cogs, clock and skeleton animation are not working but other lights are. Thanks.
  8. FREE AtmosFX video (Skeletons) Available through 10/17/2018

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    This Cnet page has a promo code for a free copy of "Numbskulls". Looks like a fun video! https://www.cnet.com/news/raise-your-halloween-game-with-a-free-atmosfx-digital-decoration/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#ftag=CAD-01-10aai3d
  9. Mechanical: Floating Candle Prop

    Halloween Props
    Here is a photo of my Floating Candle Prop that I design and built a few years ago. It is a pretty simple mechanical animation prop, but the results (with the right lighting and setting) can be pretty impressive. I give away all of my secrets in my how-to videos, if you would like to see it in...
  10. greetings and salutations

    Member Introduction
    Hey gang, Kyle here originally from Buffalo, NY but moved to Valencia, Spain in 1999 to study. Finished my degree and decided I prefer palm trees to snow and moved back to Valencia permanently. In 2005 I started my own stock footage and visuals company catering to the nightlife and...
  11. Mechanical: Best Shiatsu Props?!

    Halloween Props
    I have four- count 'em - FOUR "new" thrift store old skool Shiatsu massagers. What to do? What to do? I'd like to concentrate my outdoor display this year - working with a smaller footprint rather than a big cemmie spread out across the front lawn. So I'd like to have a smaller area with...
  12. Animated Oogie Boogie's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins

    For Sale By Merchants
    New for 2016 Oogie Boogie's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXBEDLMV-14 https://youtu.be/LXBEDLMV-14 Add song to animation file in a video editor then use on a single digital projector for your pumpkins. Works with real or fake pumpkins! Come here...
  13. Electronic/Software: Clowns for a projector?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys. My husband and I bought a projector and we are looking for any clown mp4's. We've looked at Atmosphere FX, and googled a whole crap-load of different things to no avail. Does anyone know of any sites that offer a clown animation? We don't mind paying as a scene from Atmosphere FX is our...
  14. The Singing Pumpkin - customer service beyond expectations

    Merchant Reviews
    I just picked up some more animations, including the "intermission" animation. Not only are these things simple to use, but John himself jumped online for a quick chat via Facebook to offer some advice on chaining the animations together with the intermission animation to extend the show. Great...
  15. The Singing Pumpkin(s) - Awesome family-friendly animations

    Product Reviews
    I picked up a copy of the Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) singing pumpkin animation a while ago, but only just got around to getting a projector that fit my budget. I can't WAIT to get it set up for our display this year. The animation quality is top notch, and the individual...
  16. Electronic/Software: 3D animations for projections

    Halloween Props
    hey guys, i just got a projector finally for my haunts and i recently got back in to 3d modeling after a few years and started working on some animations for my haunt this year. nothing to special just some basic walking and movements. there coming out pretty decent so i thought i would share my...
  17. Singing Pumpkins "Deal of the Week"!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hey Haunters! We've rolled out a new offer for our animations. The "Deal of the Week" will feature a different animation each week at an AWESOME discount. Visit our website www.TheSingingPumpkin.com and click the "Deal of the Week" button at the top to see which animation is featured this week...
  18. Electronic/Software: Magic Mirror Enhancements

    Halloween Props
    In my Halloween Dark Ride, I have a dungeon/castle type wall that has a large oval mirror that I use for my Magic Mirror scene (First video below). This was originally accomplished by using the puppet created by ImaginEERIEing. This particular puppet worked well but I did not use it as a...
  19. Our ANIMATED CUSTOM CHARACTERS are Perfect for Getting Attention

    For Sale By Merchants
    ATTENTION GETTERS FOR DISPLAYS, PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS All animation is electromechanical. Custom work is also available, be sure to ask for a quote. http://www.hauntedprops.com/people-3/ Our Animated People Custom Characters can be used for a number of types of businesses .... they...
  20. Which is scarier

    General Halloween
    A big hairy spider or a big shiny black spider? I know all spiders are inherently creepy but which is nastier in your opinion. I'm building a spider prop for my first animation It's not a wiper but should be pretty gross/cool. Jjust thought I would survey the crowd.