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  1. Mechanical: talking Bucky skull

    Halloween Props
    I received my talking skull kit on friday and assembled it yesterday. I put a bunch of time into programming the audio, (pirates of the carribbean) using the technique posted by Cessers on the cowlacious website, in which you use a 12-15khz tone to mirror the audio that you want the servo to...
  2. Spooky, animated music videos

    Halloween Music
    Hi all, I'm a synthrock musician in Brooklyn, NY, and I have a couple of animated music videos that I think readers of this forum will enjoy. Haunted castles, zombies, psychotic DJs, Charlie Brown-style dancing, and more!! Check them out on my website...
  3. Fun Halloween video for "Spiderwebs in my Hair!"

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone, I made a video for the song "Spiderwebs in my Hair." I hope you like it. Happy Halloween! Clark Ford http:////www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGjiCdWonAc :D
  4. Electronic/Software: My Newest Speaking Greeter

    Halloween Props
    I built this greeter so that he can be used with either the skull and a pair of skeleton hands or with the skull skin and the regular hands. It also has the joints from Spider Hill Prop Works for the shoulders and elbows so the position can be adjusted. I'll need to adjust the jaw closure...
  5. Pneumatic: The Building of the New Jumping Spider

    Halloween Props
    In an effort to add to the scare in the spider portion of our haunt, I added a triggered leaping spider. He'll be placed near the front door and will be the final scare the TOT's will have to pass before they get their candy. I'm planning on adding a spitter as well that will add a great...
  6. Mechanical: Super Easy Animated Werewolf

    Halloween Props
    I put this together from a Christmas reindeer I picked up after the holidays for free. I bought the mask for $1 at a garage sale, the shirt from Goodwill for $3, and the gloves from ebay for $12. My wife had put the Levi's and boots in the Goodwill bag but I was able to save them! A cheap...
  7. Pneumatic: My Awesome Eel delivered but I need a mechanism

    Halloween Props
    My eel was delivered today and I can't wait to include it in my display. If you haven't seen Bobzilla's creations, make sure to check out his posts. His work is fantastic! Now that I have my eel in hand, it's time to figure out how to animate him. He has a 1" pvc pipe running through the...
  8. Prop Showcase: DMX Pirate Treasure Display

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share the makings of my latest prop. It's been a while since I actually made my own prop, rather than help out with someone else's display (I live in a condo), so it was fun getting back into the making spirit. I put this together to take to the Maker Faire in San...
  9. Spring Cleaning Huge Lot!!!!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Again I do apologize I travel unexpectedly for work quite often. All items paid for have shipped and I have addressed those individuals. Unfortunatly I am not Amazon.com and do not have a warehouse, fork lift or truck dock. UPS will not pick up at my house. I do not have a shipping and...
  10. Animated Spider Victim: Tutorial

    Another one of my older tutorials. Brushed off the dust and shined it up a bit. If you want to see it in action and have me explain how it works, please see this video: The genesis and heart of this 5' tall spider victim is from a 'Hanging Man Zombie' prop made by Gemmy and was sold at...
  11. Chest Splitting Zombie (2006 Spirit Halloween)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Chest Splitting Zombie - Just lowered price I'm selling my animated chest splitting zombie. I got it in 2006 but it doesn't really fit in my display so I have only used it for a few hours on two Halloween nights. Here is the eBay listing for it...
  12. Mechanical: Monster Under the Bed by JW

    Halloween Props
    I am building a room in my haunt for "Casey". She is one of my props. Her bedroom is haunted. One of the props I built for the room is this arm that reaches out from under her bed as the ToTs walk by. It is triggered by a motion sensor. "][/URL]
  13. Mechanical: Wiper motor Piano Player

    Halloween Props
    I just put the finishing touches on my piano player. It's being run by a wiper motor from Monster Guts and a 5V power supply on low speed. He'll be joined by a female skeleton singer with a 3 axis skull by the time the big day arrives (I hope). These are the first members of what I hope will...
  14. Electronic/Software: Butler prop issues.. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hello my HF family! I was just wondering if anyone know how to repair the talking skull on the platter? It has normal functions as far as the butler is concerned but the mini skull on the platter just mumbles for a split second and FAILS???... I don't know what is wrong with it but would love...
  15. Pneumatic: Werewolf animated prop - How is it done? Video inc

    Halloween Props
    Saw this guy's work on youtube and it's really good. I e-mailed him some time ago about the prop work and never got a response. So, check out the video : And tell me what he's got going on here - specifically the pneumatic motion if you have an idea. I'd like to give this a shot with a spare...
  16. Demonica Animated Prop

    For Sale By Merchants
    Demonica Animated Prop Order Here: http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/tt-demonica/ YouTube- Demonica Animated Prop Something wicked this ways comes - Demonica is her name and she's rising from the grave. The sound-activated Demonica Animated Zombie Prop is an over one foot tall zombie...
  17. Mechanical: How to Make Box that Seems to have Live Animal Jump Out when Opened

    Halloween Props
    I've seen these in videos, like funniest home videos, and always wanted to make one. I'm not a mechanical genius but they can't be that hard, can they? I have a wooden box with a lid that opens with hinges. How would I rig up the stuffed animal to fly out when the box is opened? Thanks!
  18. Prop Showcase: I'm happy with the way this guy turned out.

    Halloween Props
    This was the least technical prop to put together this year, but I think that it looks better then some of my more elaborate props. He's going to be motion activated with a lot of yelling and snarling. http://mjoneskc.powweb.com/halloween/pictures/2009/Escape.wmv
  19. Mechanical: Porch Swing

    Halloween Props
    Any ideas for a sound/motion activated device I could hook up to the chains of my porch swing to make it move when people walk by? Or even one that just makes it slowly swing back and forth all the time? I just think that would be so deliciously creepy. Thanks for the help!
  20. Prop Showcase: Ephram Vessell, groundskeeper prop

    Halloween Props
    Ephram Vessell is my cemetery groundskeeper. He is an animated, motor driven prop built on a pvc armature. His head is sculpted in celluclay and paperclay over a modified urethane skull. His hands are 2 part urethane cast in a flexwax mold of my hands. Backstory and video of Ephram can be...