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  1. Zaltana Hack

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone managed to hack their Zaltana to an Alexa dot yet? I am trying to set mine up so that she will tell a fortune when you ask Madam Alexa. I thought I may be able to use the Alexa output jack to trigger the motion and replace the audio. Then I could create the Alexa skill. But...
  2. Mechanical: Running rats and things

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to make a small prop. While people are standing in line, I want to run a rat on a beam either near them or above them, etc. I have some ideas on how to make the rat move across the beam but thought I'd check in to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel (pun intended). Has anyone...
  3. Mechanical: Haunted Mansion style casket

    Halloween Props
    It was time to build a new display for our haunt so I decided to make my own casket like the one in the Haunted Mansion where the ghoul is trying to get outThis is my plan !
  4. Electronic/Software: animatronic zombie george carlin (video contains profanity)

    Halloween Props
    Hilarious tribute to a true comic genius. Hope you like the animatronic!
  5. Singing CGI Pumpkins and Window Creeps Animations Effects for your home.

    For Sale By Merchants
    My Halloween animated effects are still available. Go to: http://themightymicroscope.com/windowcreeps/ Some examples: