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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So several years ago my wife had the idea of having Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers in our display (both skeletons). Like most props I make it is my wifes idea that i make become reality. So here it is. Stared out with an octagonal frame that is 47.5" from point to point. Bottom layer...
  2. Halloween Props
    Thought I'd share a head turner prop which was shortly made into a Christmas tree oscillator. I used a couple of pieces 1/2 threaded pipe, 3/4 PVC, 1' aluminum flat bar, some crap plywood, and a couple of nuts and bolts. The angle wiper motor mounting plate was bought from Frightprops. I'll...
  3. General Halloween
    This couple won favorite costume... Funniest costume - They came in singing and had everyone roaring! Folks at the party... our party theme was NMBC. I put this tableau together to go in our family room... I made this Oogie Boogie for photo ops... I made a toe-pincher sleigh pulled by...
  4. General Halloween
    Last week I realized that Ghouliet & I have been doing this for a decade now!! I only have 1 photo from that first (very store bought) year and I thought it would be really cool to take a photo of what our cemetery looks like this year from the same angle. It's a glow up for sure. 2008...
  5. General Halloween
    Go through checkout today and the cashier says "Ok one 10 foot 1/2 cold steel pipe, 1/3 drill bit, 2 3 inch metal rings, cable ties, 1/2 threaded 90 degree angle, one 24 foot extension cord and one LED work light. Looks like you've got a busy weekend. Plumbing issues?" To which I had to...
  6. Halloween Props
    When using LEDs, what viewing angle do you prefer?
  7. Halloween Props
    I'll admit I'm a noob at lighting. But I really want to master it to take our yard display to the next level. We are currently washed out by a streetlight and I neeeeeeed some color lights! Last year I picked up 3 of these clamp lights from Home Depot. I have blue and green bulbs for them. The...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I am building a flying saucer and I want to use a 10 sided central hub to attach my stringers to. My question is what degree would I set my miter saw to in order to get the correct angle cut. Basically I need the angle to cut give me a 10 sided figure. Thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results