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  1. John Doe Animated Prop $69 shipped @ amazon

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    I think this is a good price for the John Doe Animated prop. $52 with $17 s/h, so $69 shipped (no taxes) from a third party seller on Amazon. Don't know how long it will be this price, but it's the cheapest I've found shipped...
  2. Amazon buy?

    General Halloween
    I have Amazon Prime and $70 in gift cards for it. I know my prices when it comes to Halloween decorations and feel that quite a few stuff on it is very over priced. My question to you, the living, is what should I spend it on prop wise? Was there something that you would suggest? I'm looking at...
  3. Mechanical: Rocking Moldy Mommy

    Halloween Props
    Two part post! My local Halloween store is downsizing because, as they put it, "No one has the money to buy the big props anymore, and although my dream was always to entertain while selling Halloween, we can't afford to do it anymore." They said people coming into the store, pricing stuff out...
  4. Spooky shows on dvd...

    General Halloween
    i have tales from the darkside and some of Are you Afraid of the dark...and NOW... Monsters came out on dvd in March 2014. I got it thru Amazon...and can't wait til Wednesday for it to get here!
  5. need an advise for halloween costumes this years 2014 new

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    need advise an suggestion, interest to wear maleficient costumes for this halloween, till today im searching it only at amazon. need a suggestion the other store have complete collections .http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004UUJMHS thanks
  6. Other: Ask - Scary Pumpkin Prop besides at amazon.

    Halloween Props
    im interesting to have a Scary Pumpkin Prop.... try looking at online store. but nothing look good. any idea where i can find it besides from amazon ?
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  8. "Frightful October" short stories on Amazon

    Literature and Role-Playing
    "Frightful October" Tales of Halloween Horror This is one of my earliest short story collections from Double Dragon Publishing. I would describe these as tales told around the campfire type of Halloween stories, a read for the entire family. Here's the link from Amazon: Amazon.com: Frightful...