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  1. Amazon Waterproof Projector

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if this belongs on General - or how long the deal will last - but Amazon is offering a purportedly waterproof spotlight projector for $ 9.90 when you use coupon code VI88OCJ5 . You can print your own custom gobos to create a static scene. It does not have any inputs or movement...
  2. Black Friday Halloween?

    General Halloween
    I don't go out on Black Friday- but I do keep an eye out for online deals at this time of year. Along with regular shopping - I usually get a few H'Day goodies. These aren't Halloween clearance items, but rather items that will come in handy for Halloween. So far, the deals have included...
  3. An Amazon Recommendation...

    General Halloween
    This came up on my Amazon recommendation page... under "Gardening and Lawn Care.... Was this after a lawn mower accident?
  4. Lore? ANybody?

    Horror Discussion
    THe Amazon Original series based on Aaron Mahnke's podcast 'Lore' has dropped on Amazon. You can watch the entire series. I know what i am doing this weekend!!
  5. Static: Amazon has pose n stay pirate skeletons for $22.97 right now!

    Halloween Props
    Just saw that Amazon has the pose n stay pirate skeletons for $22.97, just in case anyone needs one (or more!) I am not in any way affiliated with Amazon, just thought I'd pass on a low price I found in my haunt hunting...
  6. 2017 Fryght Manor Build

    General Halloween
    Well, the Halloween juices are flowing and Fall is here. It hit me this week. I bought a new 1300 Watt Fogger from Amazon. They have a nice deal with a gallon of juice, wireless remote trigger and 1300 watt fogger for $159. And shipping is free if you are a Prime member. And I bought a 2ft tall...
  7. Opinion on Outside Halloween Lighting Color?

    General Halloween
    I've Read this forum forever, think I had an old login but couldn't find it. So just registered again. Anyways, I want to put some C9 Led Lights around my roof for Halloween. Approximately 200ft Having a hard time picking color of bulbs I want Should I go all purple? also thought about...
  8. HalloweeN Returns Album Free

    Halloween Music
    HalloweeN Returns https://www.amazon.com/HalloweeN-Returns-Music-Inspired-Film/dp/B016KV7OC4?tag=slicinc-20&ascsubtag=f67989ca86d511e792ab3e364c14c4010INT Free at amazon right now!
  9. Free album from amazon

    Halloween Music
  10. Skull Shaped Fire Bricks - Anyone Know How to Make These?

    General Halloween
    My buddy posted these skulls on FB the other day. I found them on Amazon, cuz, well, you can find everything on Amazon, but they're $65 EACH!! Anyone ever try to make them before?
  11. Most Expensive Mask?

    General Halloween
    Just for laughs, I googled the masks used in the Denzel Washington/ Mark Walberg film, "2 Guns". They were used to hold up a bank...Whoa, those things were over $600 apiece! They ARE awesome, I must admit, but for a Home Haunter.... I dunno. The costliest mask that I have is a Killer Clown...
  12. Zombie Lights Glow Sticks 50% off while supplies last

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Zombie Light Glow Sticks on Amazon. Discount code: 50ZLight https://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Lights-Glow-Sticks-pack/dp/B01L24TW3S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477168289&sr=8-1&keywords=zombie+lights+glow+sticks
  13. Lighting: Please recomend a projector for UK (either new from Amazon or used from ebay)

    Halloween Props
    Hi, As Halloween is nearly upon us again, I have been thinking about adding new stuff to my display. This year I'd like to add one or more projectors to my display with singing pumpkins and digital decorations projected onto the windows. Can anybody (from the UK) recommend either new...
  14. 2016 Hallowoot!

    General Halloween
    I couldn't find my other Woot thread so if a mod wants to move or combine the 2 that's fine. Woot! is another discount site that you have to sign up for & you'll get a daily email with the stuff that's on sale daily. It's part of Amazon so you can login & pay through Amazon too if you'd like...
  15. Looking for these Hello Kitty greeters please if you have it sell it to me thanks

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey Everyone I also love everything Halloween and I am interested in two specific Hello kitty plush porch greeters. We have other ones of her so that's why I am looking for two specific ones I promised my little girl that I would find them and so far have had no luck I have looked on ebay...
  16. Bruiser Bonez on Amazon for $49.49, plus shipping

    For Sale By Merchants
    Mornin' Freaks! Just a head's up that Amazon has Bruiser Bonez available for $49.49, plus $4.49 shipping. I know, I know, he doesn't look real. But hey, for $50, the TOTers won't care! :cool:
  17. Projector that won't break the bank

    Halloween Props
    I am looking to get an inexpensive projector for doing the AtmosFX hallusions in one section of the corn maze that I do in my front yard. I know you get what you pay for with these however I do not need anything too fancy as it will just be doing these effects. I would like to stay (well, my...
  18. Lightning deal for 50 watt color changing led lights on sale. Amazon lightning deal

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I use these type of lights with my display. I was paying $50 for them last year. Amazon is doing a lightning deal for a couple of more hours for these lights. $37's. I like these lights a lot and this is a good deal...
  19. Other: Projector Question. . .

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to purchase a projector for foam sculpting projects in the future. What is a good projector I could get, at an acceptable price? I would kind of like one that is SD card compatible, as I think that would be the simplest way to do images. If otherwise, please advise. (I've seen a...
  20. If you use Amazon devices, you should be aware of this news.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I know from people's comments on here that a number of you are using Amazon devices, like their tablets, etc., and thought you should be aware that they are no longer going to support encryption on them. Whether you feel you don't have anything on your device worth much to anyone else, if you...