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    Hey I new to this blog stuff altogether. Never did one before. So I'm learning and hope to learn a lot of cool ideas from like minded individuals. :cool:;):)
  2. Starting a new Halloween website - suggestions?

    General Halloween
    Hi all! I've lurked here for years and just really started collecting what I need for doing my own home haunt. One thing I've noticed is it takes a lot of research and going through old posts to find what I am looking for to accomplish certain things or find certain items or sales. I've...
  3. How many pumpkins will you carve this year?

    General Halloween
    Wondering, for those who carve out real pumpkins, how many you plan to have. I love the look of several jacks in our display so we're figuring 8-10 altogether. I may ask our haunt helpers to each bring a carved pumpkin on Halloween just to have a lot of them all over.
  4. What would you do?

    General Halloween
    We went to Rogers GArdens today and saw live and in=person the Lord Display large frame from Katherine's Collection. It is gorgeous. I also love the Countess. DH says I can buy them. Altogether, they will come to close to $2k. Would you? It's a lot of money for a Halloween prop...but...