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  1. Halloween Props
    Folks, Thought I'd share this site I came across where the creator is using stepper motors for linear action. This might be a good alternative to using the wiper motor or even pneumatics. I know my compressor can barely keep up and I hate having to run air lines everywhere...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi, I bought my first projector (NET MT1060) in November 2016 from a well known auction site. Yes it was too late for Halloween 2016 but I was recommended a certain model and it took time for one to appear. I bought AtmosFX "Bone Chillers" as a test and have discovered that projections are a...
  3. Halloween Music
    I was using Video2mp3 online converter before, but now they require registering, which I'm not comfortable with. Anyone know an safe alternative?
  4. Halloween Props
    So now that vent motors (the black plastic ones from past years)are hard or impossible to get,what is the Alternative to vent motors? Or is there a source I'm not aware of? Not one comment?Nothing?
  5. Halloween Props
    Does anyone know if you can power a webcaster with a CO2 supply? I don't have a compressor but would still like to use a webcaster and this seems like if it works it would be the cheaper alternative.
  6. Halloween Crafts
    Was wanting to decorate some bottles I have here and thought I would try the Crayola air dry clay. Unfortunately, my designs seem to be cracking as they dry. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? Is there a better no-bake clay alternative?
  7. General Halloween
    My mom and I are lucky enough to be friends with and work with some pretty amazing, talented, and creepy people. :) We met our friend Tiinia while at an arts and crafts show. She was doing makeup for the fashion show being held to showcase some of the vendors' items, and she stopped by our...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of pointing a green laser vortex at an audience, due to real or merely perceived safety issues. But searching around on YouTube I found what may be a cool and safer alternative - using a DJ style moonflower light plus fog. I'm interested in potentially...
  9. Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone, I am looking to make some statues this year and was wondering if anyone has a cheaper alternative to Drylock? I priced it at home depot, and it's out of my price range. I have found everything else I needed in dumpsters..I am jobless right now, but still want to pull of an...
1-9 of 9 Results