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  1. General Halloween
    As I comb through around here on various threads I see many colors on various yards and props. Made me wonder and think to myself. I typically use just blue, and maybe 2 red led's for my stuff. However, I see some of your tombstones with purples, greens and various cyans. Part of me says...
  2. General Halloween
    One of our local news stations is coming up on Sunday to do a story on our display. We had another station come up three years ago to do a story and the turn out that year was three times what it normally is. With our display being up for a few weeks now we have had alot of people already...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Decided to sell it or trade it 7 ft long 69 inches tall comes with the unused fog machine and hoses adapters certificates.#368 out of 500 I am located in the Cincinnati area.Looking to get either my $350 back or trade for the Winter Dragon prop which takes alot less storage space.Shipping is...
  4. Member Introduction
    Good morning. New member here from Washington State. Love decorating. Pictures are from last year Was a clown theme as you can see. I also made the local news this for last year which was cool. I don't do any decorations outdoors and we have alot of drugs and in a relative bad neighborhood...
  5. General Halloween
    I'm looking for realistic candles that ficker, and all I can find are battery operated ones. I need plug in ones so they can be plugged into a controller, I just don't trust a remote...batteries need to be changes ect. Any one seen any? And I need quite a few so I didn't want to spend alot...
  6. Halloween Props
    I finally made it a walkthrough. It was alot of hard work. Thanks to this forum for all the ideas and inspiration over the last four years!
  7. Halloween Props
    Stopped one time in the middle of a project/looked around and thought to yourself: "Holy #$^& I have alot of Halloween stuff!" Just happened - then a big grin came across my face - and I got back to work :) Shameless plug "Like us on Facebook - Shadow Valley Cemetery".
  8. Member Introduction
    Love this site, its inspiring to! I love halloween all year round, Im also interested in the paranormal, reading, movies, crafts,animals, oh just about anything! i have a site penchanted.tictail.com i make halloween stuff and protective spiritual things so this site makes my brain click alot...
  9. Halloween Props
    These are props I made for a movie I'm involved with....still making more....these are just the start. total cost around $30. Alot of the stuff I found around my garage.
1-9 of 9 Results