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  1. General Halloween
    Halloween Alley opened a store here a few weeks ago(Kingston Ontario, Canada) and had a "Skeleton Day".
  2. Halloween Props
    So... I'm a big dummy. I've never made a haunt before and I volunteered to build a spook alley for the elementary school carnival. I think I'm in over my head and would love some help! We don't have a place for the spook alley yet. It will either be in the hallway, or maybe on the stage or an...
  3. Halloween Music
    "Gene Simmons is remembered for his 1964 novelty hit "Haunted House," but his career was longer and more varied than the term one-hit wonder suggests. He had only one other hit, "The Dodo," which peaked at number 83 in the wake of "Haunted House," but he recorded an entire album and numerous...
  4. Halloween Props
    Here are some videos of special effects, illusions, and animatronics from my recent visit to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade at Universal Studios and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Unfortunately my wife wouldn't let me attend Universal's Halloween Horror nights. :-( But had a great time...
1-4 of 4 Results