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  1. We love Halloween so much that we had a surprise wedding at our party last year!

    Member Introduction
    Hey all. New member here and can't wait for our next Halloween party this year. We had a creepy circus theme last year where we surprised our guests by getting married. It was amazing. This year's theme will be Aliens so I've been scouring the internet for ideas on making some DIY alien...
  2. Zombie Rave or Area 51 Theme?

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone I'm just settling on which theme to pick this year, last year's was supposed to be a Haunted pirate ship but a few things came up so I wasn't able to do a haunt. I'm debating whether to go for an Area 51/Aliens kinda theme, green lights and fog OR a 90's themed zombie rave in the...
  3. Static: Aliens, Aliens, Aliens

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, November is one of my favourite times to prop build. Next year we want to have an Alien inspired room so here we have; The face hugger; The egg; The xenomorph; The face hugger is a wire frame, with lots of tape, latex & paint The egg is a old fashioned 'paper mâché over a big...
  4. Static: making a ufo/spaceship

    Halloween Props
    hi, has anyone made a ufo/spaceship? i'm after ideas. needs to be as cheap as possible and easy to store afterwards (or that cheap i can just chuck it). It is to go in garden as though the aliens have crashed. my only thought so far is using kids inflatable paddling pools so 1 of the rings...
  5. Face Off S11 - All Star Season

    Horror Discussion
    New season of Syfy's show Face Off begins tonight 9/8c. "16 Face Off alums return for another chance at winning, but there's a new twist. Oh and there's aliens." Episode 1: Abstract Aliens. Face Off twitter. Was wondering when this was coming back. Really excited to see more work from the...
  6. Prop Showcase: How to: DIY Facehugger from Aliens

    Halloween Props
    I finally got the time to write up a, Instructable for my DIY Aliens Facehugger. Geez, it's tougher to write one of those things than I thought it would be. You can find it here. If you like it, I hope you'll vote for it in the Halloween Decorations contest on Instructables! Thanks to...
  7. Lighting: Alien Invasion 2015

    Halloween Props
    My neighbor went all out on his costume in 2014 and created a UFO that he could walk around town in. It was about 10 foot in diameter and looked really awesome. He inspired me to expand on that idea and do a full Alien Invasion theme! We decided to make two alien species, green & grey. For...
  8. Static: First two props for this year's Sci Fi theme!

    Halloween Props
    These two guys are finally nearly done. They light up from inside and stand about 6' and 8'. Two down and TONS to go!
  9. GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS (Wonderland Records, 1977)

    Halloween Music
    "Two Godzilla stories that is spoken. It features two stories: Godzilla vs. Amphibion and Godzilla vs. the Alien Invasion. Godzilla vs. Amphibion is about Godzilla and a swimming reptile with sharp lobster claws and a 100 foot tall fin on his back fighting in the Bermuda Triangle and Miami...
  10. Area 51 officially acknowledged

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Story over at CNN So apparently the CIA has "officially" acknowledged Area 51 and released maps with it. It's funny that they would take this long to admit to the existence of something everyone in the world already knew was a real place. And if the research there is so "unremarkable" as they...
  11. Static: Aliens chest buster

    Halloween Props
    A few shots of how I made a simple chest buster for my sons Halloween costume last year.
  12. I Want to Hear from You!

    Member Introduction
    Hi. I'm Jim and I'm new to this site. Very happy and excited to be here. I'm gong to be spending as much time as I can with you this month and afterwards. I am most interested in strange things like vampires, werewolves, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, etc. How about you? Where do you stand on Halloween...
  13. Radreb here -HALLOOWWW!

    Member Introduction
    This site attracted me because I make scary t-shirt designs , like dracula, Frank N. Stein, vampires , monsters, aliens etc etc etc . hope you can see my stuff and comment! Picasa Web Albums - Reb :eek: