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  1. Problems with photo albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I'm unable to access my photos in my photo albums after they're uploaded. I've contacted the adminstrator several times and have recieved zero replies. Anyone got an idea what the problem is?
  2. Uploading pics to HF albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of images you can upload to your albums? I have been trying to upload more pics, but they won't attach. It let me upload quite a few, then stopped taking more. Thanks in advance. PS- I accidentally posted this in the wrong part of the...
  3. Other: Halloween 2018: Revenant Manor Build

    Halloween Props
    I've been experiencing some issues when trying to create / update albums on the forum this year, so I figured instead of creating a build album this year, I might try a post instead. For 2018 to this point, we've added a new haunt sign, mausoleum, vine lanterns, and the 'witching well'. All...
  4. Can't get access to the album photo I just added

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I added a new photo to my 2018 album (a skeleton monkey). Everything was normal during the upload process. However later when I went to go to open the Halloween Store Items - 2018 album to select the new photo's BB Code, the board software messed up. I can select older uploaded images just fine...
  5. Vintage Vinyl LP Halloween Albums

    Halloween Music
    Vintage Vinyl LP Halloween Albums updated Hey everyone, I've been looking for a link to these Vintage Vinyl LP Halloween Albums. A PM Link would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Tutorials On Youtube

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Havn't been on here much lately. I've had a crazy couple of months on Facebook since I had a video go viral and get over 1.6 million views and over 44,000 shares. It was all I could do to keep up with the comments and questions for a while there. Our facebook page went from 1700 likes to over...
  7. New Issue with Albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Just checked in today (new changes here too I see) and looking over the "whats new" tab I wanted to check out some of the pictures just added by vintage ghost to the "haunting the house" album and I get sent to a ... split? page that shows vintage's albums on the left and mine on the right. and...
  8. Pictures in Photo Albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Earlier this week, when I looked at my photo albums, three were fine but in the other three the pictures were enlarged and distorted. Today when I looked, all the albums are in a funk and so am I. :( Do you know what has happened and how I can fix this? I view the forum from a desktop...
  9. Recommendations for Halloween Albums

    Halloween Music
    I'm looking for recommendations for Halloween Albums, similar to that of the "Scary Sounds CD" by Paper Magic Group, and "Scary Sound Effects" which included music like "Pipe Organ & Ghost" and "Pipe Organ & Bassoon". There's a particular piece of ambient spooky music I'm looking for but no one...
  10. Sheldon Allman Sing Along With Drac

    Halloween Music
    Sheldon Allman – Sing Along with Drac (1960) Novelty Sheldon Allman was a character actor and singer who appeared in old TV westerns and guested on other TV serials like Batman, I Dream of Jeannie, and Little House on the Prairie. He provided the singing voice for Mr. Ed, and wrote the theme for...
  11. A-Z threads A-Z

    A- Albums A-Z http://www.halloweenforum.com/games/141583-albums-z.html
  12. No more playlists ... Spotify Halloween

    8/4/2015 Let’s see what albums Spotify recommends for Halloween… “Halloween” – Two Steps From Hell Good stuff. “Power of Darkness” sounds a bit “Mars”y (Holst). Some songs have vocals … “To Die on Halloween” sounds much like “This is Halloween” (Elfman). Tracks are short and sweet, and lots of...
  13. Albums A-Z

    A - Appetite for Destruction ---- Guns N' Roses
  14. Static: Jack Skellington Tombstone / Prop

    Halloween Props
    This has been my most time consuming prop to date. Still have work to do and it's moving along better than expected! Big shout out to Pumpkin5 for the inspiration for this prop. Here is her sketch that I pulled off of one of her albums: And here is the mock up to where I am today. Hope to...
  15. How to Upload Photos

    Ok, I know a number of folks have had problems uploading photos to the forums - it's not super obvious and when I've been up all night carving foam and inhaling paint fumes, I can still get a little confused. So here's a basic tutorial on how create an album and upload your photos. Screenshots...