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  1. Halloween Props
    I've always hand painted my more detailed pieces & props but I've decided to switch to airbrushing. I think it will be a better fit for me. I design & build static art & props. Most are displayed outdoors at some point so I have to make sure they are fairly sturdy without sacrificing any detail...
  2. Halloween Props
    In our home haunt this year we did a bunch of painted canvas tarps from Harbor Freight. I think they turned out really good. Some of it was free handed, some with a projector, some airbrushed, some hand painted. This was my first time ever using a airbrush so don't be too harsh. lol The tarps...
  3. Halloween Props
    So I currently have my 135psi pancake compressor running its one line into my workshop area. From there I have a quick connect fitting that connects my airbrush line to compressor line. On the other end of the air brush line I have the iwata 1/8th quick connect that allows changing guns quickly...
1-3 of 3 Results