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    This years theme is the Zombie Apocalypse ( I was out voted) and we are going to have a very military theme outisde, and a hospital theme inside. When the people walk in they will enter through a decontamination "area". (It's a huge area 21ft long by 7 ft wide. We will be putting up opaque...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I assembled my trash can trauma prop today, and when I turned on the air compressor, the cylinder went up (without me activating the solenoid) and then would not go back down until I turned off the compressor. The solenoid made a clicking sound when activated by the picaboo, but...
  3. Halloween Props
    Ok, I am building my first prop. I appreciate all the help that you guys have given me. I understand what I need to get for my air compressor. The thing that I don't get is how to connect it to my prop. Is there a device that I need? Or do I need to buy a special adapter for the prop? I am a...
1-3 of 3 Results