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  1. Terra's Tank

    Terra's Tank

    Plywood tank and wooden crate grimed up
  2. Pneumatic: Really Dumb Air Cannon Question

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    I have watched several youtube videos on air cannons like the one called air cannons for dummies and the one posted by CycloneJack. However, no one ever mentions whether the portable tank has to be connected to an air compressor. Most videos use a 5 gallon portable tank. Is that sufficient to...
  3. Pneumatic: Help with Air Cannon

    Halloween Props
    I need help with my air cannon. It was working fine when I first built it. After sitting for a year, it stopped working. Today I changed out the solenoid and it worked a couple of times and the then started acting squirrelly. I put the original solenoid back on and it worked again for a bit and...
  4. Pneumatic: Biohazard Air Cannon

    Halloween Props
    I bought a real air valve for my air cannon (don't use a sprinkler valve) to fix the problem and placed it in a biohazard barrel. It is lot louder in real life than it seems in the video. YouTube - Biohazard Air Cannon