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  1. Rite Aid - Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    I snapped a few photos of interesting items in Rite Aid this morning. They have all the Halloween at 50 percent off now. An animated mounted raven head, regularly $19.99 (so now $10) Wooden DOTD hanging skellies were $9.99, and pretty nice looking. Huge, but lightweight, foam skulls...
  2. Howdy from West Oz!

    Member Introduction
    Hello fellow spookers! I've been lurking for a while but it's time to join the madness. :) I live in Western Australia where Halloween isn't really celebrated. Sure, a few kids will knock for candy but people don't decorate and they certainly don't set up haunts. I hope to change that in my...
  3. 2015 RITE AID Pharmacy Halloween

    General Halloween
    I'm starting this thread as I saw a post from Punkineater on the HG's shopping thread showing the return of the two cute gargoyle statutes from Rite Aid this year. Plus they are on sale right now.