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  1. Changing my user name and my status...

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Is there a way to change my user name? I registered here way back in 2014 and didn't realize when I typed in my name that it would use my legal last name as part of my full profile name. I'd love to get that taken off and just go as Tye Rannosaurus. Also, I've been a werewolf for AGES and I...
  2. Kids of different ages at the Halloween party

    General Halloween
    So, I'm having a Halloween party and I intend to do a haunted house. The only problem is that I have kids of varying ages and temperaments coming to the party. Any ideas on ALL the kids can enjoy the haunted house without being traumatized for life? Thanks.
  3. Haven't been here for ages.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hello all, wow I haven't logged in for ages. Hope you're all doing well :D
  4. Scary stories

    General Halloween
    Looking for good campfire-ish ghost stories to tell to a group of kids. Ages 5-10 I've burned through most of the scary stories to tell in the dark books...
  5. Searching for "Screamin' Halloween" 1992 CD

    Halloween Music
    Hello all, I've been trying to find this one for ages. So far, I've only found this picture. Any help would be great.